Thermomix Chocolate Custard


The normal recipe for this isn't our favourite but with a couple of adjustments we think we've made it divine. I personally love this and using arrowroot instead of cornflour makes it a bit runnier - which is what i like.   A delicious treat!

Thermomix Chocolate Custard Recipe


30g Honey

30g Arrowroot (tapoica flour)

2 eggs

2 Tbs Cacao

500ml full cream milk.


1. Add 2 tbs honey, 30g arrowroot (tapioca flour), 2 eggs, 2 tbs cocao and 500ml full cream milk to the bowl.

2. Cook 7mins/90 degrees/speed 4.

3. Eat immediately or store in airtight containers and store in the fridge.

THermomix Chocolate Custard Recipe


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