One Power Ball and I'm outta here!


Not really - this is just what I call these tasty (and healthy) little raw food snacks. There are lots of recipe versions of these around. This is one that I have created to suit our tastes.

They are great for the kids to snack on but are not lunchbox friendly (due to the nuts). But I have been testing out a nut free version that I will share soon.

Power Balls Thermomix Recipe


130g raw cashews (or you can use almonds if you prefer - but I love the creamy taste of the cashews!)

4-6 dates 4-6 prunes (if you are not a fan of prunes just use all dates)

100g (about 1/2 cup) dried apricots

1 Tbsp desiccated coconut

1 tsp chia seeds


1. Place the nuts in the Tmx bowl and grind speed 6, 5 seconds. Be careful not to turn them into powder.

2. Add dried fruit and coconut and process speed 6, 15 seconds.

3. Add chia and blend speed 6, 5 seconds. The mixture will look crumbly but will hold when pressed together - check with a small piece. If it is not sticking then process for a bit longer or add a couple more dates.

4. Scoop tablespoons of mixture and roll into balls. You can coat in more coconut if you like but I like these ones without.

Store in sealed container in the fridge.

Recipe brought to you by the very talented Karen from  and


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0 # Sheridan Anne 2014-08-14 15:43
YUM!! I love the look and sound of these. What a great little energy snack.
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0 # Hope 2014-08-16 21:55
All I can say is yum. Can you please deliver me some of theses. I don't yet have the power energy to make them. xx
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