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Thermomix Recipe for Delicious Rhubarb, Apple and Custard Muffins

Delicious warm or cool these muffins are a perfect delicate treat

Rhubarb, Apple and Custard Muffins


100g butter

280g SR flour

40g custard powder

80g raw sugar

1 tsp vanilla essence

220g milk

150g (1/2 cup) stewed rhubarb (see below)

2 apples



Stewing the Rhubarb:

Chop 600g rhubarb into 5cm chunks and put into Thermomix bowl with 90g sugar and 90g water.

Cook 100 degrees, 7 min, Reverse, Spoon Soft. Check often to see how it is going. It can turn to mush quickly! I like it with a few lumps left in.

This makes a lot more than what the recipe needs, but it is worth cooking a full quantity and then you can use the leftover for pie, crumble or on top of the cooked muffins.


Making the muffins:

Preheat your oven 160 degrees celcius FF.

1. Peel and dice apples into small chunks

2. Place butter in the bowl (no need to rinse out after the rhubarb has cooked). Melt 90 degrees, 2 minutes, speed 1.

3. Add all other ingredients to butter except rhubarb and apple. Mix 30 seconds, speed 4-5.

4. Add rhubarb and apple and mix 10-15 seconds, speed 1-2, using spatula to combine.

5. Spoon into muffin cases and bake 15-20 minutes until golden brown and skewer comes out clean. 


Makes approx 16 regular sized muffins

Delicious warm or cool. If eaten warm add some more rhubarb on the top to serve.

Thermomix Recipe Apple Rhubarb Custard Muffins


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