Chili Caramel Cashews Recipe 

Recipe in the Whirlpool Crisp N' Grill Convection Microwave


Whirlpool Crisp N' Grill Micorwave Oven is a convection microwave oven so its two appliances in one! We've been using it for a few months now and are really enjoying its versatility. You can read more about the Whirlpool Crisp N' Grill here.

Making quick and easy dishes in the Whirlpool Crisp N' Grill like these Chilli Caramel Cashews are so easy and so Moorish! 

Chilli Caramel Cashews

Chilli Caramel Cashews


50g Butter
1/2cup Honey
2 teaspoons Sea Salt
2 teaspoons Chilli Powder
2 teaspoon Smoked Paprika
3 Tablespoons Water
750g Raw Cashew Nuts






Chilli Caramel Cashews Recipe


In a large microwave safe bowl:

  • Melt Butter 30 sec in Microwave
  • Add Honey, Water, Sea Salt, Chilli Powder and Paprika to bowl. Mix together and then return to microwave for 3 minutes.
  • Remove from Microwave (bowl will be hot) and Stir in the Raw Cashews. Mix together well make sure all the nuts are coated.
  • Pour mixture onto your Whirlpool Crisp N' Grill Plate. Evenly distribute the nuts over the plate.  
  • Using the Whirlpool Crisp N' Grill Rack that also came with the oven, place the plate on the rack.
  • Using the 'Crisp' function cook for 2 minutes.
  • Using your Whirlpool Crisp N' Grill removal tool, remove the plate and using a silicon tool turn over the nuts.
  • Return to microwave for another 2 minutes using the 'Crisp' function.
  • Repeat once more. Turn the nuts and return them to microwave for another 2 minutes on 'crisp'.
  • Remove from oven using the special plate tool and set aside to cool.
  • Tap the nuts on a board if they need a little separating.





Chilli Caramel Cashews Recipe


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