Nude Food Day  

Go Nude With Your Food

National Nude Food Day 2016

Nude Food Day 2016

Nude Food Day is a great opportunity to teach your kids about how our actions can impact the environment and their health. It is about encouraging healthy eating and being environmentally conscious in how and what we eat, what we buy, and the impact of what we do on the planet.

Nude Food Day encourages kids, parents and schools to pack healthy rubbish free lunches to eliminate all unnecessary packaging (wrappers, plastics and foils) that go into schools. But Nude Food Day is not just for schools! The Nude Food
message: ’Healthy Body + Healthy Planet’ has spread to parents, businesses and community organisations, who have
adopted the campaign. The aim is to educate and encourage Aussies of all ages and stages to better their health, as well as the health of our planet.

This October marks the 6th annual Nude Food Day event with Aussies from all around the country embracing the challenge and celebrating by packing a healthy rubbish free lunch, any day or every day in October.

The event was the creation of Nude Food Movers alongside major partner Nutrition Australia. The Nude Food Day event coincides with Nutrition Australia’s annual event ‘National Nutrition Week'. From the 16th until the 22nd of October, Nutrition Australia asks Aussies to ‘Try for 5’ vegetables everyday.

Being nude and conscious with our food and packaging will reduce rubbish that goes in the bin, that then goes in the ground which then pollutes our planet. But its more than that, it is hoped that with the reduction of the need for packaging products, it will also then have a long term effect of reducing the air pollution from the factories creating the packaging and wrappers.

Rubbish free meals, mean not only reducing waste but reducing the consumption of processed & packaged foods. By giving your children food that doesn’t contain packaging will also encourage healthier eating as you won’t be purchasing pre-packaged foods that are often loaded additives to ensure it stays fresh in its packaging.  

We've been actively trying to be nude with our food for a few years now and since commencing have certainly adjusted our lunch and snack food choices, use a lot less disposable packaging and have found reusable containers just a much more convenient way of carrying food and drinks around. There is a container suited for everything.  I dread to think of the amount of waste we were producing before and how much we'd be contributing to now had we not made a big effort and I'm super proud of my kids choices in their healthier snacks and lunch preferences to pre packaged food.

Its a great iniative that we should all try to carry out all day everyday!   I hope you give it a go too.

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Nude Food Day



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