Ham and Salad Roll Lunch Box Recipe 

Its as easy as a sandwich!


Lunch Boxes don't need to be a work of art, they just need to be easy, tasty, filling and nutritious. A delicious DON® English Thinly Sliced Ham and Salad Sandwich or Roll like this one has all the goodness you need for a satisfying lunch.

School Lunch Don Ham and Salad Roll




DON® English Thinly Sliced Ham

Sliced Cheese



Snow pea Shoots



 Looking for Lunch box inspiration?  DON® range of conveniently packaged ham are sure to make school lunches super easy and super tasty! 

You can always whip up a delicious sandwich.

Check out the quality, tasty and easy range here on the DON® website : www.isdonisgood.com.au


School Lunch Ham Sandwich


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