Vetta Mid Week Meals

SMART® midweek meal option for the whole family

Mid week meals .. they catch me by surprise sometimes and I'm not sure why.

Sometimes I meal plan, sometimes I throw together last mintute, sometimes I make four different meals because I just want solutions not discussions.  Mid week meals...  not always a problem but sometimes they do creep up on me and making sure I have healthy, fulfilling meals for growing bodies is a must have.


SMART® midweek meal option for the whole family


Someone at Vetta obviously has they same problem because those clever people have come up with a great mid week meal option that they whole family is guarenteed to enjoy.

Vetta SMART® Fibre Dinosaurs Kids Pasta !  Its actually the only fun shaped pasta we could find in the pasta aisle in Coles. I think I'm supposed to say kids shape but seriously I couldnt wait to eat little dinosaur pasta!


Vetta Smart Pasta

Why is the Vetta SMART® Fibre Dinosaurs Kids Pasta a smart option ?  Glad you asked:

  • Vetta is proudly Australian family-owned and is made with the finest Australian durum wheat produced according to traditional Italian pasta-making methods.
  • Vetta SMART® Fibre Dinosaurs Pasta naturally delivers twice the fibre.
  • It looks, cooks and tastes the same as regular pasta. No mushiness we've tested it a few times now.
  • Has a 4.5 health-star rating.
  • It's also low GI and naturally low in fat.
  • Its Dinosaur shaped so its gotta be awesome! Extra incentive for little people.

I pair it with an easy beef and veg bolognese and it has instantly gone to the top of the request list.  Excellent healthier and nutritious meal to solve any mid-week meal..  I havent' even thought of dinner yet dilemas.

 Vetta Pasta Range


We've been trying all the revamped products in the Vetta SMART® Pasta range with thanks from Vetta which include:

- Vetta SMART® Fibre Pasta: Naturally delivers twice the fibre with the same look and taste as regular pasta. Available in Lasagne, Spaghetti, Penne and Veg Twists.

- Vetta SMART® Protein Pasta: Naturally delivers twice the protein and 25% less carbs than regular
pasta. Available in Penne and Spirals.

Honestly we have really enjoyed them. I've been buying Vetta since I discoved they were an Australian brand last year. They have had a revamp and a great change of colours and packaging.

The whole family has enjoyed eating the pasta, it cooks exactly the same as other pastas (i loathe mushy pasta) even reheated its the same.   Its the same reasonable pricing as other pastas and its 100% Australian owned.  Added bonus for the extra protein, less carbs or twice the fibre!  

They are in the main pasta aisle in Coles now.
For more information, visit

Vetta Pasta

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