Nude Food Movers - Keeping your lunches rubbish free!

We're becoming more and more aware and pro active about what we feed our kids, what we use in our home, how and what we buy.  I think most of us are trying to make changes and adjustments to our lives whether they be large or small to help our children, ourselves and our planet.

Nude Food Movers from Smash Review

Nude Food has been around a while now and its one of the changes our family has been trying to keep for a few years now. Trying to eliminate packaging waste in our lunch boxes. This means being a little proactive in lunch box packaging, how are you going to pack something to keep it safe till lunch?  We have been using the Smash Nude Food Movers lunch boxes and containers for a few years now. I find these last well - meaning they survive a few knocks and drops and there is a container that fits everything we need. Yes they are plastic but they are recyclable, I'm hoping Smash will move to using recycled plastic in the near future to help support and sustain our nations plastic recycling industry.

We love the Nude Food Movers sandwich containers. We don't have sandwiches everyday but this is a great size to also hold corn chips, scrolls or a smaller salad. We like the yoghurt containers to hold yoghurt obviously or fruit salad, custard or small rice. I love the snack box and fruity movers these hold our "crunch and sip" and morning teas they also get used a lot for snacks at after school commitments. The Nude Food Movers Lunchboxes are also very handy with their sandwich size main compartment and side compartments big enough to hold an apple and a snack. These come with the wetsuit sleeve insulators that help keep your lunch cool and protected and they have a handle for easy carrying around.

There is certainly enough in the range to find a few to help you and the family out in making some wise choices when it comes to waste free lunches, healthier snack choices and saving some money.Nude Food Movers Lunch boxes

The Nude Food Movers range is on special this week at Coles. Its an excellent time to take a look at what you are sending to school and work for lunches and put a plan in place to remove some of that waste.  Its good for our environment, probably healthier food options and will save you some money not buying all those little pre packaged easy options that certainly add up quickly.

We are proudly Nude Food Ambassadors again this year for Nude Food Day. You can read more about the Nude Food Day movement here!

Don't forget to head into Coles! 



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