Review of the Sports Chiller drink bottle

We've been putting the new Sports Chiller bottle from Smash Enterprises through its paces this week.  Available now from Coles we've tested it out and heres what we thought. Thanks Smash for opportunity to try out the new Sports Chiller.

We pretty much always take water with us.  To work, school, outings, car trips and sport.  I think we've used so many different types of drink bottles over the years, I'm feel like I'm always replacing them. They all have reasons for me trying them and I was keen to try these new Sports Chiller bottles as a few of their features caught my eye.  

"No Condensation"
Yep tested, We've had no condensation.  My kids are allowed drink bottles on their desks at school IF there is no condensation (obviously you cant have water sweating all over their desks). Also I like cold water but I cant pop a bottle with ice in it into my hand bag as it makes my bag and all its contents damp. This will be a handy feature for the warmer weather, looking forward to sending the kids to school with cold water without their desks, school bags and contents all getting wet.

"Performance Valve Lid"
Leaky drink bottles are such a pain aren't they. Especially when its not supposed to leak but someone hasn't closed the lid properly and its now leaked through the school bag, my handbag, my work bag or my car (yep "someone" is often me).  I like the one way valve squeeze and go - nothing to even think about. So far no leaks from the Sports Chiller.

"Wide Opening"
Good if you just want to add some ice cubes or if like me you like to add lemon slices to your water. I can always get the lemon in and can never get it out.  Faster drying and it sits on the sink to drain upside down without falling over!  

"Keeps Drinks 2.5x cooler"
"Than a regular reusable plastic drink bottle" There is an extra insulation layer for keeping it cool and yes I think it does. Its nice to have cool water to drink at work and if I can keep it cooler a little longer that would be great.  Keeping kids drinks cooler longer during sport and school is also good.

Overall I'm pretty happy with the Smash Sports Chiller. I like how light weight it is. We like the squeeze part and the no leaking part.  We think it keeps the contents cooler than the regular drink bottles.  It holds 640ml which both my son and I thought they need to be a bit bigger BUT at this size they fit in our hand well and they fit in the car cup holders and side pockets in school bags so I think we'd prefer the smaller volume for the other features.

Currently available from Coles for a RRP of $10






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