The Slendier alternative to your favourite carbs!

 We've recently been trying the range from Slendier.   Its a vegetable based alternative to pasta, noodles and rice.  Great option for those with intolerances or those looking for less calories in their meals.

I was rather intrigued and pretty impressed actually at the range. I had a perception of what I thought they'd be like and I'm very pleased to say I was wrong.  


Product Review


Here is what we thought of the Slendier range. You can find them at  Coles, Woolies and IGAs, I even found some in a local pharmacy so they are pretty popular around the place. If you take a look at their website they have a great store locator:

Different! Its definitely not pasta, noodles or rice, however my kids didn't even notice which I think is a positive attribute when you are trying to feed an alternative to cater for one person without having to cook five different meals. Different is what hubby and I both initially thought, not a bad different just different.  I like it.

I think what you cook can have an influence on the product end dish but I'm pretty sure its just a little adjustment for personal preference. For example I found one of the curries i made the "rice" soaked up my sauce and I like extra sauce, If i just added a little more or maybe a little thicker sauce it would have lasted longer.

The actual taste...  Its hard to describe to make it sound good. Its a vegetable, if you cook it correctly as the package says then it completely holds its shape and texture.  Its a little rubber/squeaky in texture in some products but its awesome it holds its shape and is not mushy at all. The flavour of the noodles, pasta and rice is pretty much neutral, I don't think it really has a flavour at all.  Smell, they do smell subtly weird. I think the rice smelt the most, not even noticeable in a dish but if you are testing them out and stick for face in the bowl they do.

Did we like them?  Well yes we did. I will buy them again. As a gluten free and less calorie alternative to some of our family favourites they are fabulous. Love being able to still enjoy rich curry and creamy pasta without feeling so full and bloated after.  I think the products are a great idea and are so fast and easy to prepare. If you are calorie counting you should take a look you'll love the numbers.

Slendier are Low in Calories, Low in Carbs, Rich in Fibre, Vegan Friendly, Gluten Free and Organic Certified.

Definitely worth giving Slendier a go - follow the instructions on the back and they'll work out perfectly. Check out the Slendier website for all your product information, recipes and videos.
Thank you Slendier for the opportunity to try your range, we are really grateful and look forward to purchasing more.


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0 # KELL 2017-05-14 14:42
I saw these the other day i thought they'd be mushy so i'll pick some up next time thanks
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0 # Marla 2017-05-16 14:39
I havent seen these but love the idea. I will look for them this week. thank you for sharing
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0 # Jess 2017-05-23 16:39
They look great. Thanks for sharing
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