Whirlpol Crisp 'N' Grill Review


I love this innovation. The Crisp 'N' Grill allows you to quickly cook, defrost and evenly reheat a range of dishes, whilst still maintaining the food’s juices and nutrients.

Whirlpool Crisp 'N' Grill  Review Whirlpool Crisp 'N' Grill Micorwave Review

Defrost and Microwave cooking like a regular microwave but you can also fry, bake, crisp and grill.  Pretty handy huh!  If you have a small kitchen, caravan or only cooking for one or small family this is possibly all you'd need.

Now honestly it did take me a while to understand how it works best.  I found instructions that came with it quite limiting and didn't really help me much BUT I persevered and now I really quite like it.  A little trial and error and I think after a couple of months I'm slowly getting it.   The microwave wattage is less than my last microwave and this one is larger than my last microwave so all the instinctive habits have have to be relearned.   I do love the Jet functions and guidelines.

I'm loving the crisp and grill functions.  If you just need to cook some home made chicken nuggets, fish or sausage rolls it cooks and makes them crispy in minutes and I love not having to turn on and heat my large oven for something small. Its great to have on hand for snacks and a quick lunch, the crisp function makes a mean toasted sandwich or burrito.

The Whirlpool Crisp 'N' Grill is a 25L Microwave it has a 700W microwave and 900W grill.  It also comes with essential specifically designed accessories. 

Some of its promoted features include:

Whirlpool Crisp 'N' Grill technology
The unique Crisp™ plate, the 3D microwave system and the quartz grill all work together to reach the high temperatures needed to bake and fry, for crunchy food in just a few minutes.

Jet Menu Crisp
Pre-programmed settings for rapid preparation of frozen ready-made food. Just select the food type, enter the weight and the oven will automatically cook your food to perfection. Food types include: Rice Mix, Pasta Mix, Buffalo Wings / Chicken Nuggets, French Fries, Pizza, Quiche, Breaded Fish / Fish Sticks, Cordon Bleu / Chicken Cutlets.

Jet Menu Defrost
Defrosts 7 times faster than a conventional microwave oven with even microwave distribution that works directly on the water molecules inside the food, defrosting from the inside for better performance. All you have to do is select the food type, set the weight and press start

Magic Clean Protechflon™
Whirlpool's advanced splatter and spill resistant Protechflon™ coating is the first truly non-stick treatment specially designed for microwave ovens.


Whilst it has taken a bit to work out I think it has become a very hand appliance in my kitchen.

Thank you to Whirlpool for the opportunity to use and review the Whirlpool Crisp N' Grill,   if you are looking for something more than a microwave,  limited on space or not feeding a large family then this is something you should take a look at.  Available at major retailers and you can check out the Whirlpool website here.

Whirlpool Crisp 'N' Grill Micorwave Review


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