Dream Cuisine Patisserie Fyshwick Canberra ACT

The passion of pastry is here at Dream Cuisine

The other day my son and I had a really lovely few hours at Dream Cuisine. They’re a Patisserie in Fyshwick (Canberra), although you can also find them at The Hamlet, The Old Bus Depot Markets and The Captial Region Farmers Market in Canberra.

Dream Cuisine Patisserie

You know when you meet someone and they have real passion for something? It's like they’re trying to be cool about it but they just aren’t and you can see they’re just itching to tell you about it? That’s Owen from Dream Cuisine. He even hums every time he uses the roller machine, which made me feel he was happy whilst he works, but I wasn't going to share this observation with him.

Owen is not formally trained as a pastry chef but he has this desire and strong passion to make not just pastry but perfect pastry. He has learnt through experience, from cooking with his mum and commercially, reading, observing and lots of trial and error. He’s really quite fascinating and I loved how keen he is to share his story, and of his passion for teaching my son about his love of pastry.

My seven year old has decided that he is going to go work for Owen when he is ten because Owen told him to come back when he was older if he wanted a job.

We were invited to “laminate croissants’ …  I had no idea what that meant exactly. But when I received an invitation to the patisserie that had made the pastry I had bought two days earlier (and was still thinking about), I said yes please!

That’s how I met Owen from Dream Cuisine, I bought a pastry from him at the Canberra Farmers Market. My friend and I had actually walked past twice whilst looking for coffee, and as soon as we had our caffeine sorted we needed one of those pastries we had both oogled. Dream Cuisine Patisserie  Pastry Goodness Fyshwick Canberra ACTSo what is laminating when we’re talking about croissants? ‘Laminating’ is the layering of pastry. I learnt so many things about pastry and developed such an appreciation that I may have to drive three hours south every time I need a croissant or sausage roll.

We laminated puff pastry for Sausage Rolls. Owen folds the puff by three until there is seven hundred and twenty nine layers…. 729! His tip for my son was “patience and a light touch”.  

Patience, perseverance, quality ingredients and slight adjustments to the seasonal needs of your ingredients are all critical points to a…. well in our opinion, a pretty awesome sausage roll.

Ingredients are really important when creating your perfect pastry. Dream Cuisine uses Woods Organic Flour from Inverell in NSW and a cultured butter from The Butter Factory in Myrtleford in Victoria (check out their blog for some really interesting info on butter in Australia).

Sausage Rolls Dream Cuisine Patisserie Fyshwick Canberra

Next we made Croissants. Knowing when to be “soft and when to be firm” is a big tip. There are only twenty seven layers to what I would call an amazing croissant.

A croissant is a hybrid of a laminating pastry and a bread like pastry. That's what you’re looking for in a good croissant. You want a flakey crunch from the outside and a soft buttery centre. The best croissants have that flakey crispy tops and that caramelisation of colour. Soft airy buttery centres and you want the right flavours of wheat and butter. Tip: quality ingredients make all the difference.

So what else are you looking for to make a good croissant?

Temperature is essential. There were three controlled temperatures. The kitchen where we made the dough is controlled, the fridge storage is controlled and then the oven. You need this control for the separation of the layers.

This is where I know I will fail, as my home kitchen is always too warm. You can’t have the butter melting out whilst you’re rolling your pastry!

Dream Cuisine Croissants Fyshwick Canberra

As well as innovating and perfecting these beautiful pastries, Dream Cuisine are always creating new things.

So follow Dream Cuisine on Facebook and their Dream Cuisine Patisserie website so you can see their innovations.

Thank you Owen for your precious time and for showing us your work, but most of all for sharing your passion.



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