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Beak & Sons making Australias Best Sausages


We had the opportunity to test out a couple the recipes from Beak & Sons last week.   Beak & Sons are a Sausage makers from Australia making some of the best sausages i've had.  They use only "real cuts of meat" from grass fed Hunter Valley Beef and their sausage are gluten free with no artifical colours, flavours or MSG.

They claim to be the "Makers of the Highest Meat Content Sausages in Australia"  so i did a little investigation in my two local supermarkets and the local butchers and yep!  I do buy "premium sausages so compared it to the couple of brands i do buy and they are at least 20% more beef than the other "premium" brands.  With a 92% beef content in their Smoky Chorizo and The Orgininal, i know i am feeding my kids well.

Beak & Sons Product Review and Recipes

SO on to the recipes!  Because i just cannot leave a good thing alone i did amend them slightly to suit my familys needs, i've linked to the actual recipe and made notes of what i did.

Was a fun was to try sausages rather than just throwing them on the bbq thanks to Beak & Sons for the beautiful snags!


Beak & Sons Curried Sausages with Herb Pilaf Recipe  beak & sons Curried sausages

Made with "The Original" beef sausages  "Curried Sausages with Herb Pilaf".  Delicious!   Made with everything i already had on hand.  My 2yr old didnt like it buuuut didnt really expect her to she picked out the sausage bits and ate those.  This recipe makes a generous serving for four, was easy to whip up after busy day.

My amendments.  I didnt add onion to the pilaf so my kids would eat it but i did add lots (about a cup) of fresh parsley, corriander, chives and mint finely chopped.

The curried sausages i did everything as per recipe but added a little capsicum, zucchini and lots more peas.

Was a really nice meal and certainly easy to do and budget friendly.








Beak & Sons Smoky Chorizo & White Bean Soup Recipe beak & sons Chorizo Soup

The Chorizo is really family friendly initally i thought it might be spicy hot but its not at all it is exactly what it says and has a smoky paprika flavour. 

This is a nice family style soup that is nice the next day too.  Hubby and i added a bit of hot paprika to ours and i added fresh oregano, parsely and chives, which made it perfect for us.

The Chorizo is a lovely sausage  not hot just a little spice, smoky flavour with a hint of garlic. Would be good with a cooked breakfast or sliced up in a pasta dish.










Beak & Sons Mini Sausage & Egg Breakfast Rolls Recipe beak & sons breakast sausage and egg rolls

These Breakfast Rolls are a winner! I usually make my own patties but these were brilliant. So tasty and juicy they really were good.  Not sure why they are called mini cos there was nothing mini about the sausage part.  

The kids had these as per the recipe and loved them, i cooked up some onions and tomato to have with mine. Dad missed out we ate his before he got up!

Lovely sausage will be using these for our regular home made burger nights!












 Beak & Sons are an Australian family owned and run business. I found their products at my local supermarket they do have a contact us on their website if you'd like to know where you can find them close to you.

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