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Add a Marshmallow flower to your pond or cake

A frog in a pond is an old birthday party favourite from many decades ago now ... Green Jelly and a  frog chocolate, instant party treat.    We made some flowers for our ponds that are super easy to do and can be used on cookies or cakes.  Always handy have a couple of easy party tricks or holiday entertainers up your hand.

Marshmallow Flowers - Frog in a Flower Pond

You will need:


Sprinkles,hundreds and thousands, funfetti - you know, decorating coloured goodness.


Chocolate button or lolly - something to go in the centre of your flower.

Green Jelly

Chocolate Frog


How to:

Make your jelly then once set add your chocolate frog.

To make the flowers simply cut three marshmallows through the middle horizontally. So through the middle left to right not top to bottom.

Now take a marshmallow half and dip into your sprinkles. Leave a couple un sprinkled as you will need them in a minute.

To construct the flower take your sprinkled petals and pinch at one end. Squish the pinched ends next to each other so they form a flower and then stick a half marshmallow that hasn't been sprinkled on the back.  So the sticky marshmallow on the back holds your sprinkled petals in place.




Marshmallow flowers and Jelly Treat


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