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Lemon and Mandarin Curd

Lemon and Mandarin Curd so irresistible

Lemon Curd is so delicious  have you tried Lemon and Mandarin curd?  Brings new flavours into the curd and makes even more delicious!

Wont take too long to whip it up. 

You'll need some sterilised jars.  Here i used lots of baby food jars i'd kept and gave the curd out as party favours at my daughters first birthday party.  You can use larger jars no problem.  Placing some wax paper over the jar before the lid goes on will help prevent the acid from the fruit eating at the lid.

Lemon and Mandarin CurdLemon and Mandarin Curd Recipe


8 Mandarins, try and find firm ones.

4 Lemons. Flesh only finely chopped.

400g Castor Sugar

4 Eggs lightly whisked.

125gm Butter

3 extra Egg Yolks can be lightly whisked with the other eggs



The curd is ready when it coats the back of a spoon.  Ladle into sterilised jars and leave to cool at room temperature.

Will keep in fridge for a couple of months.




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