Fabulous salad to feed a crowd.



Fattoush is one of our favourite salads it is great as a side or can be a meal in itself.   Healthy, tasty and filling what more do you need. 


Fattoush Salad


This can be prepared ahead and stored separately in the fridge except for the Pita bread store that airtight at room temperature.  Build and dress just before serving. 

The quantities are for a large salad, suitable for a BBQ or party as a side dish for approx 10 adults.   QUANTITIES FOR 4 People are below :)



You'll need:

500g. Baby spinach leaves

2 punnets/ 600g Cherry tomatoes

2 Telegraph cucumber

1 cup Fresh Parsley

1 cup Fresh Mint

4 medium Pita Bread

2-3 Lemons

5 Tbsp Sumac

1/2 cup Olive oil

Sea Salt


Fattoush Salad


1.  Preheat oven to 200c 

2.  Brush Pita with Olive oil (use spray if you have it)  sprinkle with Sumac and Sea Salt.  Bake in oven 10 - 15mins till toasty remove and set aside.

3.  Wash and dry all salad components. Placing Baby spinach in a large bowl.

4.  Destem the herbs and then roughly chop the Parsley and tear up the Mint. Add to bowl of Baby spinach.

5.  Cut Cherry tomatoes into halves.

6.  Slice cucumber into halved round slices.

7. Add the tomatoes and cucumber to the greens and gently fold.


8.  Zest your lemon. put zest aside.

9.  Juice your lemon, add the remaining Olive oil and the Sumac to the lemon juice to make your dressing.

10. Dress your bowl of salad gently mixing it all through. 


11. Just before serving tear up your toasted Pita bread and once again fold through.

12. Sprinkle over your Lemon zest and serve.




Fattoush Salad


Quantities for four people :   500g Baby Spinach,  1/2 cup fresh Mint Leaves, 1/2 cup fresh Parsely, 1 punnet/ 350g of Cherry tomatoes,  1 telegraph cucumber,  2 medium pitta bread rounds. 1 lemon,  3 Tbsp Sumac. Olive oil and sea salt.


Sumac :  Is a pretty readily available spice from the Sumac bush, its citrussy and peppery and required for this salad.  I have found it most large supermarkets now with the herbs and spices or in the international aisle.   If you can't find it there a Middle Eastern grocery store will have it and i have found it at farmers markets.


Lefovers :  I'd reccommend if you have leftovers your remove any Pita left in the Fattoush before refridgerating.



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