Easy, Tasty and only a few ingredients. Very versatile dish.


My kids love these and I have to say I really enjoy them too. You can make them large for burgers or smaller for toddler and mash them up for baby. You can double this recipe no problem and they’re good for lunchboxes.

Only a few easy ingredients so get the kids to help you make them.

note: Weetbix are a wheat based brick breakfast cereal. 


5 Weet-Bix (or 2 ½cups of flakes from the bottom of the box)

1 425g tin of Tuna – I use the one in spring water

2 Eggs

1 teaspoon of crushed Garlic – the jar one is fine

1 Cup Vegies - I always use the Peas, Corn and Carrot Frozen Vegetables.

1 Cup Grated Tasty Cheese

Salt & Pepper for seasoning. You can also use little herbs if you want. Sometimes we add Chives or Parsley – whatever is good in the garden.

Oil spray or Oil to cook with.


In a large bowl put the Tuna, Grated Cheese, Vegetables and Garlic mix them together.

Add 1 Egg and crush in 1 Weet-Bix. Add your seasoning to taste.

Stir it up well and then leave for a few minutes whilst you prepare the coating.

(Leaving it to rest helps the Weet-Bix go all soggy and hold it all together when you ball them up into patties.)

In one bowl whisk up your other Egg and then in another bowl crush up 2 Weet-Bix.

Roll up all your patties. Dip them one at a time in the whisked Egg and then into the crushed Weet-Bix coating. When your Weet-Bix crumbs have gone in the bowl crush up the last 2 for coating this stops them going a bit soggy from the egg mixture.

Coat them all first before you cook.

Cook them in a fry pan in batches so you’re not overcrowding. I use cooking spray to cook with you can use oil but just use about a table spoon per batch as the Weet-Bix just soaks it all up and you don’t want oily patties just crunchy.

Moderate heat. Not too hot or you’ll burn the flakes just enough so they are Crunchy on the outside and warm cheesey on the inside.

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