Make some of these delicious treats with the kids

It doesn't need to be Australia Day to enjoy Lamingtons, they're a great treat anytime and the kids love to make them.

Lamingtons Recipe



1 plain unfilled and uniced sponge cake

3 cups of Icing Sugar

3/4 cup Cocoa

2/3 cup Water

75g  butter melted

2 +cups Desiccated Coconut 



Before you start have everything laid out.  Lamington Recipe

You'll also need a cake cooling rack for the Lamington to sit on to drip off any excess.

1. Spread out the coconut into an open dish or plate.


2. Sieve together the Icing Sugar and Cocoa into a bowl.

3. Add the Melted butter and water to the Icing sugar/Cocoa.

4. Stir well until all combined


5. Slice your sponge into squares we made ours about 4cm sq. 

6. Take two forks or spoons and dunk the cake piece into the chocolate.  You want to dunk it and coat it not drown it.  If you leave it in too long it will go soggy or fall apart.  If the kids are making them with me we just use fingers, messy yes but its much quicker and easier.

7. Drip off any immediate excess and put into the coconut. Roll or turn to coat all sides with coconut.

8. Place onto cooling rack and allow to set.


Keep in an airtight container in the fridge and eat within a few of days.  








 Lamington Recipe





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I love lamos!
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