Make this suprising Chocolate Bar Bouquet Cake, such a lovely suprise


Chocolate Bar Bouquet

This is such a fun gift or centre piece for a party. Easily adaptable to suit your theme or colours.


 You'll need:

1. A square box - one that fits the width of your chocolate bar or in this case two chocolate bars. The gift box i used was from $2 store.

2. Tape and Ribbons - Clear sticky tape and ribbons you can pull fairly tight.

3. Cake Board or something you can use as a base.

4. Party  table decor centrepiece - This one was from $2 store you can buy them in various colours and themes to suit your cake.

5. 12 x 250g Blocks of Chocolate for the structure.  This also used about four bags of snack size bars and a large box 700g of small wrapped chocolates. You can use whatever you like. This is just what i used so you get the idea. Use wrapped lollies and chocolates.



Firstly fold over several pieces of sticky tape and tape your box into the middle of your cake board. 

Tape together two blocks of chocolate by placing tape across the back. One at the top, middle and bottom. Repeat so you have 8 blocks taped into pairs.

Fill your giftbox full of chocolates and put on the lid.

Now you want to tape the paried bars to the box. It might be easier to tape opposite ends on first then the other sides.   Tape on by just folding over the sticky tape to the back of the blocks.

Soon as they are all taped up Tie some ribbon around them to secure them. I found curling ribbon worked best becuase you could get it to hold tight.

Now go around and tape the blocks down to the board base by placing a piece of tape on vertically down the bottom of the block and on to the board.  Do this for each block.

Take your last large blocks of chocolate and form a square. You want it to fit together so it won't be perfectly square but you'll able to tape them together and secure with ribbons better.

Take your chocolate block square and put it on the gift box lid on the inside of your "cake". Tape the blocks down to the top of the gift box.  If you're going to have trouble getting your hand in there then put the tape on the blocks square first then use the handle of a spoon or fork to smooth it down on to the lid.

Once this is secure you can drop in your table centrepiece decoration.  I propped this one up a bit by putting some chocolates in first and then once it was in putting some more around it.

Now you can fill in all the space around the "Cake"  keeping a few spare.

Tape your spare bars on to the ends of your decoration.













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