Christmas Chocolate easy gift recipe

Very simple recipe for this impressive treat.

You'll love these. They are so delicious.  You can change the toppings to whatever suits.  

Easy Chocolate Goodie Bites



1 block 250g Milk Chocolate

1 block 250g Dark Chocolate

2 cups mixed dried fruit and nuts

1/2 cup dessicated coconut

1/2 cup White Chia seeds


  • Melt a full block of Dark Chocolate and a full block of Milk Chocolate over the stove by placing broken up in a heat proof bowl over water that is simmering. Dont allow the bowl to touch the water. give a little stir occasionally be careful not to get any water in it or over stir. 
  • Whilst chocolate is melting (don't rush the melting process just leave it to do its thing).  

  • Pour about a cup (you dont need to measure) of each of the nut/berry mixes onto a board and spread out so you can easy access.  leave the packs out in case you need more.
  • Have half a cup of both dessicated coconut and White Chia seeds ready for sprinkling
  • Spoon chocolate onto Baking paper lined trays. I make them about 2cm in diameter, they will spread a little.
  • Select from your fruit/nut mixes and add a little of each onto each top of chocolate.

  • Sprinkle with coconut
  • Place trays into the fridge to set.

 Chocolate Bark Bites Recipe



These will melt if its hot.  To transport them i just layered in a plastic container with baking paper in between the layers then when i got to destination just popped them in the fridge for fifteen minutes and they were perfectly fine.


 Chocolate Bites Recipe




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