If mothers were flowers I’d pick you!


A necessary evil, I’ve come to realise.  They stand by you, love you, do anything for you, yet sometimes they drive you to the point of such frustration you kind of wish you’d picked a different flower!

Mother’s Day is about celebrating all the wonderful things your mum has done for you and forgetting about the things that niggle at you.  Because don’t forget many of us are mothers too and I’m sure our children feel the same way if not now definitely in the future!

Celebrating Mother’s Day is wonderful and fun occasion and present buying should be easy because hugs and kisses are worth more to any mum than a store bought present.

Most mothers are happy with getting some TLC on Mother’s Day but if you want to get her something special you can’t go past the flowering plant ChrysantheMUMs.chrysanthemum flower how to care

Chrysanthemums are traditionally given at Mother’s Day as they flower profusely during autumn and they contain the word mum!

They are so many varieties of chrysanthemums available today, one to suit every mum. The US National Chrysanthemum Society has derived that there are 13 different types of flower forms. Then there are the colours, I think every year they get more exquisite.  There are single coloured and multi-coloured blooms ranging in colour from brilliant yellow through to deep maroon.

Chrysanthemums are one of the easiest plants to grow and are a perfect gift for green or brown fingered mums! Chrysanthemums have long lasting flowers and are relatively pest and disease free.  This makes them the perfect gift for mum as this enables her to enjoy her gift hassle free for many years to come.

Potted chrysanthemums can flower for several weeks indoors but thrive best if placed in full sun. They can be grown in pots or in the garden.  To keep them looking fantastic and to promote more flowers, remove all spent flowers and discoloured leaves and liquid fertilised fortnightly. After flowering chrysanthemums should be cut back to about 15cm (6") high and given some slow release fertiliser.  They will usually flower again in the spring.

This Mother’s Day don’t stress about a present just give your mum a little TLC and a beautiful, versatile, easy care plant – The ChrysantheMUM. 

Maybe you should spoil yourself as well!



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