One of the things I love to do most is gardening - on a small scale.

It’s something that I've become used to with all the moving and living in rental properties. 

After making this I think I am hooked,  I've already started planning my next beach themed terrarium!

We have had our little fish tank for years and years. It’s been home to hermit crabs, tropical fish and now….. plants! It’s travelled from Darwin to Brisbane to Sydney and has done us well. It only cost $30 when we bought it but recently one of the top glass covers broke making it unsafe and pretty much useless for any pets. 

So if you have an old fish tank, vase or glass jar you’re not using then give this ago and make it useful again. It doesn't cost much, it looks great and there’s very little maintenance to keep it going.

Terrarium in a Tank -  A little Garden in a Fish Tank

You’ll need:

  • A Tank or container of your choice  
  • Rocks or similar (pebbles, seashells, glass stones) 
  • Moss (sphagnum moss is best)
  • Potting mix 
  • Plant cuttings or buy some small plants

I used cuttings from my succulents; these are my favourite plant to cut. The original plant just keeps growing and putting out new shoots and the cuttings start growing roots immediately. They’re hardy and they are cheap to buy.

Charcoal - if you’re keeping it indoors or putting a lid on

 How to create:

  1. Clean your container so there’s no bacteria or dirty marks.
  2. Place your rocks in gently to make the bottom level, this is for drainage and prevents root rot.
  3. If your terrarium is going to be living indoors or has a lid - Add a layer of charcoal. 
  4. This will prevent the soil from becoming smelly. You can buy it from most pet shops for around $5 - $8
  5. Cover the charcoal/rocks with a layer of moss. This will keep your levels clear and looking neat by preventing soil from spreading through the rocks. Sphagnum moss is the best. Keep any left over moss for the top. 
  6. Add your potting mix.
  7. Position your plants/cuttings before you plant them so you know where everything will go and then plant them one by one and compact the soil around them.
  8. Give your new terrarium a little drink then place any leftover moss you have in between the plants.


Lightly water open containers twice a week and closed containers once a fortnight. Trim any plants that are growing over the edge or are getting too bushy. 


Have you tried growing new plants from cuttings before?   What plants worked for you?

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