Worm farming is quickly becoming a must have item in any household with a garden.

Amazing! These wriggly little compost worms not only eat your house hold waste but they create some fantastic nutrient rich soil and liquid fertilizer that will make any garden grow.

There are many different types of worm farms. I've seen wheelie bin worm farms, worm cafes, swag worm farms, even pink coloured worm farms. You can make your own, buy online or purchase one from a garden supply store.

What do compost worms eat?

  • Your vacuum cleaner waste! (hair, crumbs, dust etc. only biodegradable contents of course)
  • Most kitchen scraps, no meat
  • All fruit and vegetables, except onion and go easy on the citrus
  • Eggshell
  • Coffee grounds
  • Leaves
  • Weeds
  • Grass cuttings
  • Paper
  • Cardboard

So what you get from having a worm farm? Natural, organic fertilizer for free!!

  1. Dilute one part worm liquid to ten parts water and use worm solids directly to your garden but water in thoroughly.
  2. Pour the liquid mix or worm solids on your pot plants, garden bed, vegetable or herb garden.
  3. Watch your plants grow, grow, grow!

 Worm farm setup

All bought worm farms will come with a manual and instructions for setting up it up. This is just the basics.

  1. Put a couple of sheets of newspaper on the bottom of the tray where the worms will live. This will prevent them falling through those holes.
  2. Add bedding material such as cow manure, sawdust or coconut fiber. The bedding I used came with my Worm Cafe with instructions.
  3. Add your new worms. Start with 1000 composting worms, they will breed naturally and before you know it you'll have 10,000! You can buy worms online or at most garden supply stores. There are also local people who sell them on Gumtree or if your lucky you can get a few handfuls from a friends worm farm.Spread them out over the bedding and cover with moistened newspaper or moistened hessian.
  4. Let them settle in for a week or so before you begin feeding them.
  5. Store the worm farm in a cool place out of the sun and give them some water once a week.

 How to you help your garden grown?

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