Make your own Dinosaur Garden at home 


 Make a Dinosaur Garden

My Children loved this activity and months and months later still play with it. Most of the plants survived being moved around a few times and are starting to grow. Everyone who visits seems to like it and can't help themselves and move a dinosaur around. 

You'll need :

  • A base.  we used the largest flower pot base we could find and then just drilled a couple of holes in it.  You could use any sort of plastic storage container, litter box, baking tray. 
  • Potting mix or soil. 
  • Environment items like rocks and we used an old branch broken up. We also used a smaller flower pot saucer for a lake.
  • Plants.  Succulents are best as they don't really mind being snapped off and planted somewhere else.  We had a variety at our place already but if you don't maybe a neighbour wouldn't mind you having a piece of theirs? 
  • Some dinosaurs we had a collection already but you can buy small packs of dinosaurs from most department stores or variety stores.   You don't need to use dinosaurs how about fairies, Lego men or army men.  Any of those little figurine type things. 


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