Succulents are the perfect garden plant for kids

Time to get the kids outside and in the garden. You know what the perfect plant for them is? Succulents!

Most succulents grow really, really well from cuttings. You can buy one plant from your local nursery for $4 and cut or separate it into several plants to create great textured features around your home and garden.

Not only are they fun to propagate but they're easy to keep and maintain too. The kids will love seeing them grow and it's a great opportunity for you to teach them about plants.

When you take cuttings look for roots that are already sprouting from the growing plant to make the whole processes faster. Cut that stem off and replant it wherever you like! When using leaves to propagate, leave them loose on the top of soil. They will start to drop roots down in a few days to a week. That's when they're ready and start growing a new plant by themselves.


  • Ask friends, family and neighbours for small cuttings of their succulents.
  • Plant your succulent cuttings in the ground, in different size pot, hanging baskets, terrariums or make a themed garden for the kids.
  • Indirect sunlight will make your succulents grow longer and faster. To keep them small and create more colour have them positioned in direct sunlight.
  • This is gardening for those who don't garden! There is one basic rule to remember; don't over water them.


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+1 # Middle Aged Mama 2014-04-11 17:32
I was given a desert rose recently that was way overgrown, and planted cuttings from it earlier this week - they haven't died yet so fingers crossed!
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0 # ann 2014-04-13 07:24
Love this!! I admire anyone who can grow a beautiful garden.
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0 # Rhianna 2014-04-15 07:29
Great plant growing tips! Amazing at how much they had grown in only three months. Thanks for sharing
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