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DIY Wood Cheese Board in a weekend

Recently at the Kids Business Bloggers Brunch you had the opportunity to make a cheese board, which I was looking forward to but I ran out of time to participate in.  Not to miss that challenge the kind Ryobi people let me take my piece of wood home so I could make one at home.

Wooden Cheese Board DIY

Here's how I made it - mistakes and all.

1. My board wasn’t exactly flat so I had to start by just flattening it out a little. I used a hand planer, a Ryobi Jointer Thickness Planer would be good for this.   Of course you’ll see in a moment a little scuff I made on the board with the Planer, it comes out at the end but I wasn't impressed.

2. Next I marked out my corners and handle. I wanted nice rounded corners on the board. I just used a pencil to mark it all out first.  The corners I just chiselled off and filed the edges down a battery powered Ryobi jigsaw would be perfect for this.

3. To make the handle part without a jigsaw was hard as I thought for sure i’d wreck it here.  First I took hubbys best Japanese hand saw and made cutting reliefs so when I was chiseling so the grain doesn't get out of control.  I slowly chiselled them out.  There was quite a bit to file down I started with a coarse sandpaper wrapped around the rounded edge of chisel and then sanded by hand.  A Spindle Sander at this point would have been cool - I’m sure Ryobi would do one of those.     

When I was doing this you can see I took a small wedge out of the board - Urgh!     But hopefully we can fix this at the end - I started to collect the wood dust around the project, I’m going to need that to fix that and rescue this project.

4. Next I cut out my handle.  We have the oldest Ryobi Drill Press picked up for a bargain but it works well.  I was easy to do, because I had marked out my board at the start and knew the piece on the drill so all I had to do was cut.  The trickiest part was to hold the board secure whilst i cut. Simply lower the drill, cut half way  turn over and cut the other side in. 

5. Next I routed the whole board I’d never used a Router before and honestly I was a little nervy.  Hubby bought this Ryobi Plunge Router a few months ago and I wanted to play and this cheese board was the perfect excuse, if you are getting a Router get the cordless one, wearing a cord and extension cord wrapped around my shoulders whilst playing with a new machine is not ideal.   As you can see I did a not too bad job, couple of furry edges that can easily be sanded and I did go a little hard around the handle.  I’m happy with the edge.

6. Now I had to fix that wedge I buggered.  Simple secret fix. Tape up the area so you have like a wall around it.  Collect the wood dust from the project the really fine dust is best.  Then slowly mix in with some Wood PVA till you get a thick paste.  Then paste the mix into the wedge and over the scuff marks I’d made.  Leave to dry for hours I left it overnight.

7. Sanding was next.  I used a combination of a small electric sander and  hand sanding to do all the sanding a Ryobi Orbital Sander would have been good. … sanding boring.  But and of those furry edges and scuffs I’d made at the beginning with the hand Planer came out.   I carefully sanded over the wedge and it's a little darker but I think it turned out ok.

8. After lots of hand sanding and fiddling it was time to oil. Ryobi had given me some food grade wood oil which was good.  I did four oils in total.  Oil the board leave to dry about 20mins and then come back and do another.   I then left it to dry for a few hours.  


Thanks Ryobi for the wood and oil, I’m really happy with how the board turned out and loved having a play with the Router and the Japanese hand saw (which I’m not allowed to touch usually).  Thanks to Kids Business for another fun day out.