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Have a positive and productive 2016

Life as a Mum can so easily become just that.  Sometimes we just end up going around in circles of cooking, washing, playing and did i mention washing.  Our own needs can sometimes get lost in the busyness of everyday life.

2016 Make This Year A Forward Step For You

Here are a couple of the statistical top resolutions made each year and our thoughts on how to make them happen in 2016.


There is just not enough hours in a day.

So if you are going to make changes and ensure you have something for you in 2016 it had better be good right?  I agree

Have a bit of a think about you in five years time, ten years time......     What can you do in 2016 to help you get there ?


Get Fit

I personally need to work on this.  I go really well for a while then things get to busy and it goes on hold.  Its a commitment.  Having options is the way to go i think.   I just can't get to the gym regularly but i could do a DVD and i could go for a walk. 

Is exercise something that should be or could be or maybe you need to step it up a bit in 2016? 

Start small and make sure you do something everyday. Make it a family thing


Learn Something New 

How about some training?    Time for a new direction?    How about adding something else to that resume?   Some up skilling or a new course? 

There are lots of ways to studying now; online, on campus, mail.

Lots of ways to fit a little study time into your week. Take a look at Careers Australia for some inspiration


Spend More Time With The Family

Lots to do, Lots to do, there is always lots to do but here are some ways to help you make sure you get more time with the family.

Reduce the to do list.  If you're not going to do it then heck just put a line through it.

Set a date.  Yep. Every Wednesday or something it is date night with your family. Watch a movie or just have dinner together. 

Take a break together.  Everyone rushed today?  Had a busy weekend?   Make the call.  Time for a break, even if it means putting the kids in the car for drive in the PJs.   All go for a walk around the block, play a game outside together.  A five minute breather can make a big difference for everyone.

Have a no devices rule at certain times. No devices for two hours after dinner or something. 


Getting Organised

There is so much to getting organised but a couple of simple things that will make a difference.

Write everything down. Whether its on paper or on your phone.  Just write it all down. things to do, dates to remember, shopping lists.

Clean up regularly. Dont let things get out of control. Keep on top of little messes then they wont be come big ones.

Put things away. Get the whole house into putting things away, in a place they belong. If it doesn't have a home get rid of it.


Lose Weight

Well i guess that can cover some of the Get Fit resolution too.  Making life changes to the food you eat. Taking the better option, eating less, saying no.

Drink more water and eat more fruit and veg  is a great place to start. 

There is a plethora of information on how to lost weight i'm sure you are aware. Its finding something that is right for you and sticking with it. Have a bad day thats ok pick it up again tomorrow.   If you need medical advice or assistance its all there for you to ask.


Whatever your resolution is take it easy and make the choice to commit to it.   You're very busy theres no point wasting time on it. Make a plan, commit and achieve your goals.