five tips for studying with kids

Its not easy to study with kids


Infact sometimes its impossible. Here is my 5 top tips and a bonus, to get study done when you have kids.

How to get study done with kids


Pick and plan your time  

Pick a time to study when you know the kids might be happy without you undivided attention for while.  I usually try for study around lunch time, i play with the kids give them lots of time and noise in the morning in hope they'll be happy to be near me and not need me so much so i can study.

Plan your food and snacks. I make my child at home a lunchbox when i do the school lunches so i dont have to do it later. Have a snack or meal done for your kids before the study time.

If your kids day sleep, great! there is your time. Its much easier to tidy up, do the washing, eat your lunch etc and study when they nap than vice versa.  If you have kids that wake at night, you know you are going to be tired at night, i find mid morning is about the only time i can think straight on those days.


Read ahead

Read the day before or the night before what you need to do.  I try and read a day or two ahead so i can have a think about what i need to do, so when i sit down i can do a quick re-read and start. 


Write a to do list

At the end of my study time for the moment i'll write a couple of notes of where i'm up to. What i need to do next.

I know i need to fit 15hrs into about three in a week, keep a list and sticking to it help get the essentials done.


Choose your entertainers

Plan what is going to entertain your kids whilst you study.  I have movies or TV ready to go, snacks done, and a few activities or things to do ready. Guarenteed my daughter doesnt want to do the activity i suggest so i give her one to start and leave the others near by to find.

Be wise, its got to be something they can do on their own.  Dressups arent great if you have to help or do them up and its not an ideal time for unsupervised painting. Puzzles, colouring in, drawing, stickers. Play toys, lego/duplo, beads and pipecleaners, cars, train sets.  Things that dont make a lot of noise, arent going to make a disaster of a mess (play mess is ok) or is going to need too much of your help.


Limit distractions

Its hard enough with the kids about. Turn off, put away, make silent all your other distractions.   Ignore the washing machine, dishwasher or whatever else that might be on at the time, if it ends it can wait.   You are on limited time Mama, turn off the phone, shut down social media, etc etc.  Be strong stay focused, remove the other distractions.

and my bonus


Remember the goal

Keeping in mind why you are doing study helps keep you focused.  It a big thing to take on when you are parent aswell, you must have a pretty strong will and desire to do it.  Keep your eye on that prize and you'll get it done.