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Getting through distractions when studying


As a work at home, stay at home, live at home, study at home, play at home .... heck everything at home Mum I know how hard it can be.

All your "things to do" get all crammed in together and you really need the ability swap hats and juggle all the time.  Unless you have help or kids free time, they are always there and trying to focus can sometimes through no fault of your own be impossible.  

Studying when you are a Mum is a big commitment. Its another thing that you need to add into your massive list that is your week. Its another important thing that sometimes can't be the priority but it still needs to happen. Study is something that is really hard to do after you've had two hours of sleep or are sitting next to a child whilst they are watching their favourite kids band with the songs that keep going around and around in your big red car head.

I have read so many articles that say "You can do it all"  mentally decide, make it a priority, take the time - forget everything else - focus!   yes, well those people haven't had a three year throw up on you and your books whilst you are trying to do that or draw over your precious assignment notes. Sometimes it is nothing short of ridiculous (and that has become a popular word choice of mine), sometimes no matter how well i plan - it just isn't going to happen at that time.  
BUT   and i swear  I'm not going to say you can do it all.

You can do it all eventually, just not all at once or in the same day or sometimes in the same week -  but you can get it done I promise.   Here is what gets me through a very busy week. With small kids, a hardly home hubby, work at home, own business and studying...

Dealing With Distractions When Studying

Time Breaks

Sometimes you have to really decide what has to be done NOW, and i'm not talking about whether you feed the kids or not i'm talking about making study as important as the other important things you have to do.    You have to work ok yep, you have to take the kids to sport yes, you have to do the washing well yes most of us prefer clothes.  Its the other things that can wait.  You can load/unload dishwasher whilst making next meal right? so dont waste the fifteen minutes now.  Can you run all the errands in one day rather than three? save the extra time.  Get the kids to help with chores, sometimes its not done the way you'd like it done but if its their clothes in their draws that they will mess up anyhow - does it matter?

Taking advantage of little time breaks.  You have half an hour whilst the kids eat lunch,  pull out the books.   You have to sit around at sports training for an hour - take your notes.   Your favourite reality TV show is on ....  really? If you are serious about studying and struggling for time do you have time for a favourite reality TV show ? (not meaning to offend anyone who really really loves their show). 

Is what you are doing important?  If its not its wasting your time.


Say No

Say no.  Yep its a toughie but i swear it helps.    I say no to more than one coffee date/catchup with a friend once a week (though sometimes i do need two coffee dates).

I used to feel i needed to do something special everyday with my still at home kiddies but you know they are just as happy tipping toys everywhere whilst I "tap tap on the 'puter", its probably good they have an hour or two to do nothing on their own. 

Say no to yourself when you need to focus and not waste time.  Postman just came? sit!! it can wait.  Do you really need another cup of tea now?

Start being strict with yourself and say no.


Remember Why and Stay Motivated

Remember your goal.  Why did you decide to study you crazy time poor mummy anyway??   Ah yes well every time you think i can't get this done remember why you are doing it and that'll get you back to it.

Those feel good positive quotes and books and stuff - whatever works do it.   You need a "Hang In There" Kitty? get one.  You need something a little tougher fine this is for you:



Have Someone to Hold You Accountable

Someone who knows you, knows how to press your buttons without offending, someone who you can rely upon to get that silent lurking over your shoulder study done.  Ask them to be your accountability partner, give them a big responsibility to say to you, hows that assignment going? Can i help with that assignment?  Didnt you already have your social date this week??     A tough love accountability partner - get one.


Turn Off Social Media

Eeeek!  I know but seriously it will work.  Turn off the notifications on your computer, tablet and phone - even the distraction of it popping up briefly on your screen needs to go.    If its not essential uninstall the app on your phone - that little flashing light reminder will tempt you too much.  

You can't be 'social' and study at the same time - turn it off.



I'm often completely distracted, i get side tracked doing something else, i remember other things i was supposed to have done and i totally over commit all the time.   I have learnt to recongnise the time wasters. Sometimes i don't stick to my total plan but more often than not now i can sit, focus and get the necessary done when i need to.    When you are studying on top of everything else in your busy life it can be totally challenging but if you stick with it and keep the focus you WILL get it all done eventually.

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