Keeping motivated to study when the list is endless


As a working, studying, stay at home mum with small kids  I know how hard it is to stay on that things to do list and I know how how long that list can get especially when you add study to that list. 

10 Top Study Tips For Mums

Here are some great ways to stay motivated, keep going and get through your studies :

1. Write a list. Knowing in your thoughts that there is lots of work to be done in your studies can be such a weight on the mind.  The best way is to tackle it one step at a time and the first step is to jot down what needs to be done in the next week.   If you have five tasks and three chapters to read then write them down and work out how much time you are going to need in the priority or order you need to do them in.  

2. Finding time.  Well if you are anything like me there is no time!!!!  but somehow people busier than me still manage to get study done on top of their other duties. If your time is for example between 8pm - 10pm after the kids are in bed then by 7.30pm lay out what you are going to do tonight, look at your list what are you going to tackle first and come 8.10pm (hopefully if all has gone to plan) you are already into it.  If more often than not that time frame doesn't work then forget that time frame and find another.  Nap time,  first thing in the morning ....  whenever you can get a block of time.

3. Smaller blocks of time.  To work your best try smaller more often study times.  Try to give yourself enough time to think and plan throughout each task. Sometimes studying in 45min blocks still lets me get all the other jobs i need to do done. I can think about my next tasks whilst i do other things.

4. Motivation first.  I find if i do something active or entertaining before I plan to sit and study I achieve more.   Going for a walk, a play in the park with my kids, coffee with a friend something to wake my mind and body up a bit then when i come to study i can focus and i feel i am motivated to get stuff done.

5. Just start.  Procrastination ahhh  yes old friend.  I don't really need to "just do this first" or that first or whatever, sometimes you just need to push on and start and then you get into the zone and its all good.  Sometimes however see point 6.

Study Tips For Mums

6. Precious Time.  If you are sitting looking at a blank screen after 15mins or you keep wandering off on to social media or watching tv or the kids wont leave you be for a minute or something else that is wasting your time - forget it.  Go do something else.  I don't know about you but i just don't have time to sit around, if i can't get in the zone I'll do something else and come back later.

7. Know when you're done.  If its 2am and you are making errors or reading the same sentence for the fifteenth time, its time to call it a day.  You aren't achieving anything.  If this is your only time to study i DO understand - me too but i also need to remember that if i can't type a sentence after the third go or i find myself nodding off at the screen (yes i may have done this a couple of times)  then its waaaaaaay past bed time and the same study stuff is going to be there tomorrow.  

8. Call a friend. Need to get some study done but you: a. keep procrastinating, b. need some help or it would help if you could talk it out with someone, c. could really use an hour of someone else watching the kids, d. have got yourself into a mind game of "i can't do this"  then pick up the phone and call a friend or family or husband or whoever can give you the mental support, the encouragement, the kick in the butt, the reminder on why you are doing this, the five minutes chat to bounce ideas or hour of babysitting.  Your friend knows why you are doing this study and they are just the people who will support and possibly butt kick you back into the books.    A little personal hello to my dear buddy Hope who is always happy to sit at my kitchen table and do her work and butt kick me into doing mine.

9. Eat and drink.  It helps to study if you have eaten and had something to drink. Take your water bottle or cup of tea or whatever with you to study.  Give yourself a little challenge before you top up that food or water (that is possibly just a procrastinating game anyhow). How about finish the next chapter then you can have another cup or tea or finish this whole task and its a row of chocolate (ahem) i mean an apple for a reward.  Have a snack planned otherwise you will waste too much of your precious study time hanging in the kitchen looking for something to eat.

10. Remember the goal.   Whats the point ?   Surely there is a reason you took on the challenge to do some study?  I'd say there is a huge reason, well put the goal into a simple few words that you can say in your head whenever you need the push.   Whats your goal?  Where will this take you?  What will completion of this study do for you?     Eyes on the prize baby!