5 tips to make a bad day better 

 Having a bad day? Here is five things to help turn it around


Five Tips To Make a Bad Day Better

Some days just arent the best and theres not much you can do about it, but some you can try to change something and see if you can't make it a little better or maybe turn the whole thing around! Gotta try!

1.  Call a friend or Hug it out.  Talking to a friend can change your day. Hugging is proven to be a mood lifter and stress reliever.

2.  Take a walk.  Even around the backyard is fine. Down the street and back. Even if you have to take kids with you just the break in whatever you were doing can sometimes turn it around.

3.  Power off.  An hour.  Its really not that long.  Turn it all off: TV, Phones, computers, everything.  Have a sleep or if you have kids just sit and read with them.  Draw with them.  Go outside and cloud watch.

4.  Play some music or read book. Read a book is a great idea unless you have little kids climbing all over you then its impossible.

5.  Start again. Yep start again even if it is three in the afternoon.  Have a shower, change your clothes, make a cup of tea/coffee and make a plan. What HAS to be done. If it can wait then it goes down on the list.


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