tips for busy mums mornings 

 A few things before bed at night and you'll have a smoother morning


Be More Organised For Busy Mornings

  • Clothes Washing. Make sure there is no wet clothes sitting waiting to be hung or put in dryer. Put the next load in the washing machine so it is ready to press start in the morning, that will save you a few minutes.
  • Kitchen Dishes. Check the Dishwasher.  Load or Unload, Turn on  - where ever it is up to do the next job before bed will keep you one step ahead. If you don't have a dishwasher than either do the dishes or stack them up neat so they are not in the way in the morning.
  • Check Uniforms and Clothes are ready to go in the morning. Much easier to have it organised the night beforeTips for a usy morning, no one likes to go searching for socks in the morning.
  • Go through the school bags.  Not that i don't trust my kids but i do occasionally find lunch boxes, wet sports clothes or school notes that should have come out. Better to get to those than get cranky in the morning.
  • Tidy Up. Make sure the areas used in the morning a straightened up and ready for breakfast.  I straighten up the lounge and lounge cushions because it makes ME feel the room is tidier. Towels are hung up in the bathroom, Kitchen table is clean.
  • Take out the Rubbish. Take it out at night is one less thing for the morning.  At least tie it up ready to go for someone to take it out in morning. 
  • Food Check. Check you have everything ready for everyones lunches.  If you make and pack ahead check its all done, so there isn't a mad fix up in morning. If you make lunches in the morning have a quick check you've got everyones lunch boxes, and you have all the lunch food.
  • Belongings. Just before i head to bed I pick up any shoes, hats, bags etc that shouldn't be lying around and put them in the right bedrooms. Saves looking for them in the morning and yes they are supposed to put them away.


Do you have any tips to make a busy Mums morning a bit easier ?


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