Whats new and cool in Kids Gift ideas

 Its that time again ...  what do we get the kids. 

There is always a huge influx of toys and games in the stores at Christmas and I dont know about you but its rather overwhelming to go to a store and not recognise anything on the shelf.  I'm also doing more shopping online but that can be a blind minefield to shop in when you're not sure what you are looking for.

From pillows, to headphones, dvds and games  here are our top finds.  Some we have been asked to review, some we have bought and some we have found popular and just loved.  There are links to our reviews if we have done one. There are also a few links to giveaways - easy answer entry, so please enter if you'd like.

There is also a link to the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal at the bottom of this article.  This is not sponsored just a great appeal.


Christmas Gifts for Kids


TeletubbiesTM 10inch Musical Lullaby Laa-Laa
(suitable for 18months+)Lullaby Laa-Laa loves singing your child to sleep. This cute 29cm high soft toy is a great bedtime friend who plays "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"and beams a starry light show on to the wall whenever her tummy is pressed. Set how long she is on for using the built-in switch, selecting 5,10 or 15 minutes to ease your child into a dreamy sleep, or use the night-light only feature which slowly fades away as your child drifts off to sleep. RRP $59.99

TeletubbiesTM Phone
(suitable for 18+ months)Call any of the TeletubbiesTM and they will chat, giggle and sing! Leaveyour phone, and the TeletubbiesTM will call you. When your phone plays theTeletubbies theme tune, press the flashing tubby antenna to answer the phone. Then just “Say hello”!  RRP $29.99


TOMY Mix and Match Motor Boat
Squirt, sprinkle, spin and pour your way through bath times.
Divided into four parts to mix and match in different ways.
RRP $30 Stockist: Big W and Kidstuff,


Lamaze Rylie Racoon
With eight different textures for your baby to explore with high-contrast fabrics to stimulate the senses sure to keep baby happy for hours
RRP $19.99
Stockist: Toys R Us

Lamaze Tilly Twinklewings
A pretty in pink unicorn that adds some sparkle to baby's stroller. Featuring clip clop hooves to make trotting noises and crinkly wings, colorful mane and tail.
RRP $21.95
Stockist: Baby BuntingLamaze

Lamaze Octotunes
Baby will have lots of fun making merry music with this plush octopus. A different not is played as you push each tentacle. Comes complete with a song boog and a soft vanilla scent.
RRP $39.99
Stockist Baby Bunting, Toys R Us,

Lamaze Space Symphony Motion Gym
Growing with your child through the key phases of their development Lamaze provides the perfect mix of engaging toys with age appropriate fun at an affordable price. We love the Space Symphony Motion Gym you can see our review here
RRP $99.99FlipaZoo
Stockist Baby Bunting, Toys R Us



Your kids will flip for FlipaZoo, the adorable plush toy animal pillow that’s not one, but two.
Each fun-stuffed FlipaZoo features two soft plush characters that flip back and forth for double the fun.
Read our full review of FlipaZoo here



Care Bear Funshine Bear
Everyones favourite 'belly badge' wearing bears. 30cm Plush bears would be lovely friend to have. 'Funshine' is our favourite with bright yellow fur and a smiling sun.   
RRP $29.99
Stockist: Big W and Myer


A funny flight of discovery, Twirlywoos is a comedy series for 2-5 year olds, featuring the adorable antics of four, fruit tea-loving birdlike characters: Greg BigHoo, Toodloo, Chickedy and Chick.
In just three months from its Australian launch on ABC Kids, 2.6 million episodes of Twirlywoos were downloaded!Combining stop frame animation and live action sequences set in the real world, the series follows the Twirlywoos as they seek out new adventures and discover new things... often causing comic mayhem in their wake! visit www.Twirlywoos.com

Twirlywoos Soft Toys, RRP $16.95 each (suitable for children aged 10 months+)Soft and cuddly, these adorable plush are perfect for little fans of theTwirlywoos. With soft, textured fabric they make the perfect cuddly companion.Why not collect all four characters - Great BigHoo, Toodloo, Chickedy and Chick.

It’s the Twirlywoos: Sticker Activity Book RRP $6.99 (suitable for children aged to 2years)Have fun with the Twirlywoos in this brilliant sticker activity book. Use your stickersto help complete the Big Red Boat, rebuild the Very Important Lady, choose the fruit tea flavour and add lots of fun pictures of Great BigHoo, Toodloo, Chickedy and Chick! Hours of Twirlywoos fun!

Rescan, $19.99
It’s easy for little hands to convert Rescue Bots. Kids can select from the Optimus Prime figure that converts from fierce robot warrior mode to truck mode, the Blurr figure that converts from robot to race car mode, or even the Boulder the Construction-Bot figure that converts from robot to bulldozer mode.
They will love converting his robot warrior back and forth for awesome Transformers adventures!

Galactic Heroes 2-Pack, $9.99
Coming in assorted 2-packs, your little one can pretend to help R2-D2 & C-3P0 navigate the terrain, and team up against the Dark Side; help Han Solo and Chewbacca figures outwit intergalactic gangsters; or help Rey stop the nefarious Captain Phasma figure, who is up to no good! Collect all of the figure 2-packs for even more fun. Each 2-pack sold separately.

PLAYSKOOL HEROES Deluxe Adventure Pack
Pretend to help Captain America defeat Thanos with his astro armour! Press the star on the armour's chest to reveal the Captain America figure, and push the button on the armor's arm to make its claw spin!
Or, pretend to help Spider-Man defeat the villainous Marvel’s Lizard and his gator-bot vehicle! Kids can press the back of the gator-bot’s seat for chomping action. Press the gator-bot’s tongue to defeat the villain and save the day! $39.99


Vtech PAW Patrol Treat Time Marshall
Learn letters and more with the PAW Patrol Treat Time Marshall. Put a bone-
shaped Pup Treat into Marshall’s mouth and he will recognise the piece andrespond with letters, phonics, objects and more. When Marshall has had
enough snacks, store the Pup Treats inside his pup pack. Explore four playmodes including letter, learning rescue, search and rescue, and music time.Your little one will love watching Marshall’s ears and eyes move while theypretend to go on rescue missions. Plus, you can personalise Marshall torecognise the first letter of your child’s name every time they plug in that letter. (suitable for 3-5 years), RRP $49.95

Vtech Safari Sounds Guitar
Rock and learn with the Safari Sounds Guitar. Join the band and play along with the silly giraffe or create your own music in three fun guitar styles; acoustic,electric and distorted. Press the light-up buttons to play guitar chords and strum thestrings for more sounds or sing along to 8 familiar tunes with the giraffe and herfriends. Even move the giraffe’s tail to add cool guitar effects.  (suitable for 2-5 years), RRP $34.95


Smash Bento Lunch Kits
The Limited Edition Smash Bento Lunch Kits are the perfect school or preschool starter pack for any kids this Christmas and is also an easy and useful gift idea for relatives.
Each Smash Bento 4 piece Lunch Kit features:
-  Smash Duo Bento Lunchbox
-  450ml BPA Free Drink Bottle
-  Novelty Sandwich Cutter
-  Printed Name Sticker Sheet
Available for RRP $10 each set from December 1, 2016  Exclusive to BigW


 Vtech Smart Watch Review

The VTech® Kidizoom® Smart Watch DX
Check out our review here. The VTech® Kidizoom® Smart Watch DX is an even smarter watch for kids offering more fun times with games and activities; watch, pedometer, calendar, games, camera, video and more. Its available now from leading retailers with a RRP of $89.95.


The Wiggles: Fab Four Favourites Box Set
This set includes episodes handpicked by each of The Wiggles.
Lachy has woken up and picked his favourite episodes from Ready, Steady, Wiggle! With over 50 songs, segments with all your wiggly friends and special features, including Lachy’s singing lessons and dressing up in style, you’ll be ready to wiggle all day long!
Simon says, “Let’s have some fun!” Here is a collection of Simon’s favourite episodes from Ready, Steady Wiggle! There are so many songs, dances and characters, get ready to sing along and dance along… wait a minute, we didn’t say Simon Says!
ANTHONY’S FRUITY FEAST!Roadshow 2016 Christmas DVD Review
Anthony has selected twelve of the tastiest favourites from ‘Cowboy Anthony’ to ‘Captain’s Magic Buttons’! Over 40 songs and a delightful dessert of wiggly bloopers and a photo gallery.
Here is a selection of twelve “bow-tiful” episodes picked by Emma herself as some of her favourites. With segments including ‘Anthony’s Alphabet’and ‘Professor Simon’, over fifty Wiggles songs, and special features of some of Emma’s dance lessons.
RRP$24.99 - (at time of publish its on sale at abcshop online)

Thomas and the Christmas Engines
Thomas and his friends are in holly, jolly Christmas spirits, ready to be Santa’s engine helpers!
Read and review and ENTER THE GIVEAWAY HERE

Thomas & Friends: Movie Box Set
Thomas & Friends Movie Collection contains over 4 hours of tales from the rails. All aboard for four movie-length tales from the rails! Includes The Adventure Begins, King Of The Railway, Sodor’s Legend Of The Lost Treasure and Tale of the Brave. RRP$24.99 (at time of publish its on sale at abcshop online)

Danger Mouse: Merry Christmouse  - Avail from 07/12/16
It’s Christmas! Danger Mouse and Penfold must lead Santa and an army of elves to battle the Snowman and melt his evil plan to destroy the festive season. Plus 6 other incredible adventures, #Sinistermouse, There’s No Place Like Greenback, Happy Boom Day!, Frankensquawk’s Monster, Escape from Big Head and Megahurtz Attacks.  $14.99

Peanuts Holiday Collection: Anniversary Edition - Available from 07/12/16
    A Charlie Brown Christmas:
    Bonus episode: It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown
    Plus featurette: A Christmas Miracle: The making of a Charlie Brown Christmas
    It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown:
    Bonus episode: It's Magic, Charlie Brown
    Plus featurette: We Need a Blockbuster, Charlie Brown!
    A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving:
    Bonus episode: The Mayflower Voyagers
    Plus featurette: Popcorn & Jellybeans: Making a Thanksgiving Classic


Smiggle Christmas 2016

Smiggle Fashion Shaped Jotter Notebook
holographic bag with handle & velcro,contains 120 shaped pages. 15.2x11cm $9.95 SEE OUR SMIGGLE REVIEW AND ENTER THE GIVEAWAY HERE

Smiggle Neon Mini Backpack
This super cute mini structured backpack is all the rage! with adjustable shoulder straps & carry handle, double zipped main compartment, 1 inner zip compartment, 2 slimline side pockets & a front zipped pocke. fun and functional! 24 x 20 x 10cm $44.95 SEE OUR REVIEW AND GIVEAWAY HERE

Smiggle Candy Macarons Eraser Box
Yummy smelling set of 6 sweet scented macaron erasers. approx: 11.5 cm x 7cm 2.5cm $7.95 SEE OUR SMIGGLE REVIEW AND GIVEAWAY HERE




Bunchems  Mega Pack
Children will have hours of fun creating all sorts of cool and colourful characters with the Bunchems. This pack includes over 400 Bunchems pieces and accessories that can be squished and connected together to create and re-create animals, flowers and much, much more.
RRP $39.99 Stockist: Target, K-Mart, Big W and ToysRUs

IDo3D 2 Pen Set
IDo3D is the world's first 3D drawing brand for kids!Mums  Take Five Christmas
RRP $35.00 Stockist: K-Mart

Escape Room 
The most thrilling new board game this Christmas! Feel the thrill and enjoy the mystery from an escape game in your own home!  
Work together to solve puzzles and crack the code to ‘escape’ before the Chrono Decoder counts down to Zero.
RRP $59.00 Stockist: Available exclusively at Big W stores nation-wide

Hatchimals are interactive magical creatures inside eggs! Who’s inside? It’s a surprise! Care for them and they will hatch themselves with your help! Teach yours to walk, talk, play games and more as you raise them through multiple stages.
Hatchimals – who will you hatch? RRP $99 Stockist: Big W, Kmart, ToysRUs, Toyworld





Mouthguard ChallengeInternet sensation, as seen on talk shows in the US. Perfect for any age!
Family and party game, where players wear mouthguard devices while trying to speak out the phrases. There are "extreme" challenges that requires those to not only speak out the phrases. Features 51 challenges, revenge cards and 5 mouth guards.
RRP $10.00
Stockist: K-Mart







Laser Bluetooth Wireless Foldable Headphones Laser Bluetooth Wireless Foldable Headphones
LASER is an Australian-owned electronics company with a focus on affordable, innovative technology. These Headphones without cords, fold up for safe storage and can be paired with all your devices via Bluetooth. Great for the kids when using devices for homework or for play. Enjoy the car trips in peace this summer. Click over here for a Review of these and our GIVEAWAY





Razor Jetts
Just step up, strap down and take off with these easily adjustable, always awesome heel wheels to transform your ordinary sneakers into the hottest way to roll. RRP $49.99 Stockist: Big W, www.razor.com.au

Razor Rip Surf
Riding on two caster wheels and an authentically styled polypropylene deck, this is one ride-on that's ready to make waves this Christmas!
RRP $149.99 Stockist: Target,ToysRUs, www.razor.com.au





Aardman 40th Anniversary Collection Box Set
A must have for the holiday season ... for the whole summer... for all year round!  I love their work, so does my family ... is there anyone who doesnt love Wallace, Gromit, Shaun and the flock and of course the hilarious Creature Comfort animals.
The four-time Academy Award ®-winning animation studio has created some of the world’s most beloved animated characters. Celebrate your favourites with Wallace & Gromit: The Collection, Shaun the Sheep: Complete Series 1, Creature Comforts: Complete Series 1 and the hugely entertaining documentary A Grand Night In: The Story of Aardman, which explores the studio’s extraordinary work over the last 40 years.
* DVD RRP: $59.95 * Running Time: 1035 Mins * Discs: 6 * Rating: PG * Episodes: 39 *
Available now at a GREAT price https://shop.abc.net.au/products/aardman-40th-anniversary-5dvd



Twister Twister
Back on the Christmas lists this year is Twister!  Its Twisters 50th Anniversary this year and Twister can be found everywhere.  We have had great fun getting all tied up in a knot, you can read our review here.











Christmas Gift Guide Kids 2016





KMart Wishing Tree 2016

 Celebrating 29 years, Kmart together with The Salvation Army and Mission Australia are helping to show others that they are not alone.


  Did you know that 386,000 gifts were collected nationwide and distributed in 2015?!     Amazing! 

Its pretty simple act that provides a little joy to someone in need. 

This year you can also donate online so if you can't make it instore take a moment to pop on over to Kmart online and donate to this wonderul appeal.


Link to Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal