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 There is approximately 30 days left until your child embarks on their first day of school.

We are not worried about them because you have already made the decision. We are more concerned about YOU!!

We, at Back On Track Early Childhood Professionals have been sending children to school for over 30 years, so we are sharing with you our 5 most important things that a parent can do for their child in the lead up to starting school.


How will YOU cope with your child starting school?


1. Try to not refer to school as “BIG SCHOOL”. This gives the reference that it’s big, over bearing and scary. If something is BIG especially for someone so little, this can be frightening. Just refer to it as school or Primary school. Talk often to your child about the things they will do at school. They will be sitting at a desk, listening to the teacher, having morning tea and lunch in the playground. Don’t make out that school is ‘sooooo’ much fun, because they will never return after the first few days if you say that. Children are very capable of understanding the truth, so tell them the facts about what to expect.


2. While most schools are finishing off for the year, it would be a good idea if you haven’t already done so, to go and buy a second hand uniform from the school shop. Don’t be precious about the school uniform. If your child wants to wear it every day from now on, let them. Practice carrying the bag, filling up the lunch box and if at all possible wearing the school shoes around the house for some of the day. The aim here is to establish no fuss, familiarity and all encouragement.


3. Be sure you are establishing ways to develop and instil independence in your child. Simple things that are age appropriate like dressing and undressing themselves, toileting solo (with a reminder of flushing and washing hands), carrying the plates to the sink after a meal. All these things will help them when it comes time to be independent at school.


4. For those parents that are feeling very anxious, your child is very skilled in picking up on this, either hearing you talk to others or from your demeanour, so instead of saying these things, here is some alternatives to try:

“I’m so nervous about him starting school”      “He is so ready to start school”

“I think I will cry me a river on that first day”      “I will miss him but we will have the whole afternoon together”

“I’m really sad that he is finally starting school”      “We are both very excited about school starting”

Your anxiety will rub off on your child so be mindful of them listening and remain calm and positive about the whole experience.


5. Limit technology from now on. Be firm about the amount of time your child is using any kind of screen, which is ipad,phones, computer, techno toys and television.  We love technology and believe it is the way of the future for our children but there is a time and a place for it, in a controlled and supervised environment.  AND certainly not just before bed as this will only stimulate the brain.


STAY CALM, BE STRONG and keep those tears and tissues well and truly hidden until you are out of view.

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Starting School Tips