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 Not sure what to get this year?  We've had a good look and play with some of the top products and have complied a long list of ideas for you. Some things were shown to us by the brand others we just love and want to share.


Kids Gift Ideas & Inspirations

Whats HOT on the gift list this year ?



Ideas for 1+

Boon are such a cool brand. They have such unique and yet totally practical things for babies.  Here we've picked a few of our favourite things for the bath (great useful pressies) but you should have a squizz at the website the range is great. 

Pipes These come in a pack of 5. They are basically tube pipes that suction on to the bath or tiles and you have them seperate or join togather. Kids love these! Pour water in and watch it flow back into the bath.  RRP$19.95 

Bubbles Well these are Bubbles that dont pop with suctions on them. You can stack them on top of each other or line them up. Make and Build in the bath.  RRP$19.95

Scrubble  The cap comes off fill with water and then squirt away. Each cap has different holes so the water squirts differently. You can also put some soap in and make cleaning and scrubbing fun. Good touch, see and feel sensory play. RRP$14.95

Dive They look like basic bath shapes yes BUT i love the actual shapes they are cool designs, they are quite thick so better handling by little fingers, they stick when you wet them just stick them up and then just pull them off to take down and they dont absorb water so they wont go yucky!  RRP$12.95

Cast This is great fun. A fishing line for the bath!  The reel actual works and winds up and down. The hook is weighted so you can cast your line and hook a toy at the bottom of the bath. Comes with three ocean catchables.  RRp$12.95

Products available at Baby Bunting, Toys ‘R’ Us, Bubs Baby Shop and Baby Village


 JJ COLE  Nap Mat

JJ Cole I have a nappy bag from JJCole which we reviewed earlier in the year, you can read that review here.  I still love it and use it everyday.  I saw these JJ Cole products the other day and just loved them and wanted to share. 

 Little Nap Mat I love these. I thought these would be great for day care, preschool or even long day trips where you might need to take a rest.

Double layer of padding for extra comfort
• Rolls up for compact carrying
• Write-on nametag
• Extra-long attached velour blanket helps keep toes warm
• Removable pillow for easy machine washing and drying



Little Love Baby Peekaboo Doll (suitable for pre-schoolers) is available at Kmart.

Play peekaboo and learn with the Little Love Peekaboo Doll! Hide and uncover the doll’s eyes to start an interactive game of peekaboo.The game also introduces young ones to numbers, foods, body parts and feelings. Along with teaching, Little Love Baby Peekaboo Doll has over 60 phrases, songs and realistic sound effects RRP$34.95ea





'Perfect' by Danny Parker.  Perfect by Danny Parker

Danny Parker the author of the Lola's Toy Box series  has a lovely new release picture book reminding us all of the Perfect day. Beautiful full page illustrations by Freya Blackwood.  Available now at leading retailers. You can read our review of Perfect by Danny Parker and Freya Blackwood here.







Ideas for 4 years +shopkins

Shopkins  Its no secret that over here at Mums Take Five we are big fans of Shopkins.  They are in Season 3 now and dont look to be going anywhere! 

As at 08/12/15  they are Google's 2nd spot on the top trending gift search terms!

This Christmas sees the first Shopkins Vehicle, Fashion Boutique and the very cute and popular Shoppies dolls.  See our write up on the Shopkins tops ideas for Christmas here.


  Vteh laptop




VTech My Laptop 3 - 6 years  VTech’s My Lap Top is your child’s first creative laptop. With an A to Z keyboard, mouse and carry handle, it offers on-the-go play for your preschooler.

Personalise with your child’s name, age and avatar, to surprise your little one. My Lap Top features 30 learning activities, with five modes of play to explore phonics, words, shapes, counting, animals, logic, and music, with 40 melodies in four different styles - Rock, Jazz, Reggae and Country.  RRP $34.95ea


Miles from Tomorrowland



Miles from Tomorrowland  One of the latest television shows from Disney is Miles from Tomorrowland.

The series is about the adventures of Miles, a space cadet who is always ready for action and his family (mum dad and sister Loretta), as they travel through outer space. Miles blasts through the universe with his best friend M.E.R.C a robo-ostrich, as they journey together, discovering galaxies filled with aliens, space-age vehicles and high-tech gadgets!

Who doesnt love space toys?!  There is a great range of Miles from Tomorrowland Toys from little figurines to spaceships and dress up accessories covering a wide range of price points. We reviewed some of the range, click here are our favourites.  Available in leading stores now,







Clever DIY is a complete all in one creative project kit.

It contains everything you need to give a child a complete hands on creative learning experience all the tools, materials, instructions, inspiration and I love that they all also allow for the childs own creative imagination. “Its about kids getting back to basics.. exploring the how-to, making a bit of a mess and learning from the expirience”  Grant Thomas Co-Founder CleverDIY.  We love these kits you can check out more info here.







Qixels Do you need something for kids to do that doesnt make and mess and they can do it on their own?  Quixels are great. Make, spray and play with the Qixels.

  Create your own design templates and build your design one Qixels at a time! Qixels are the cubes that fuse with water! Build your Qixels design, blast it with water, let it dry and then keep creating. Easy to use, and with no heat, glue or mess, the only limit is your imagination.




Little Live Pets


Little Live Pets   The pets toy pets ever.  Its true and they are everywhere. Whether you love Birds, Turtles, Butterfly or even a mouse these little mess free, food free companions have lots of character, dont need to visit the vet and the kids can play with them all day! 

We've reviewed Little Live Pets here.  We also had a little fun with them getting out our real life pet tips for caring for your pets during Summer or when travelling you can read about those by clicking the links below too.

How to care for your pets this Summer

Travelling with Pets our tips






Little live pet CleverKeet

Little Live Pets CleverKeet He sings, He dances, He chats, He is your new best mate.

Clevekeet comes with his own house and cart, he loves to chat, he'll even repeat back to you what you say.  You'll love his taste in music and hes pretty clever pushing himself along in his cart.  Well we call him a him but you could call Cleverkeet a her. CleverKeet also comes in Pink.

You can see our video and read more about him here.









 beados designer studio

Beados Designer Studo is essential for Beados Jewellery making this Summer.

To use you simply place them onto your template using the gem pen. Then magically join your jewellery with water. Store your gems in the studio. Make, share and wear your creations.  There are refill packs. Great place to store all your little Beados Gems and bits and pieces.





Beados Gem Suncatcher With this kit you can make a sparkling butterfly suncatcher from the Beados Gems.
Catch the sun with this Sparkling Butterfly Suncatcher just make, spray and display. RRP$19.99








The Good Dinosaur

The Good Dinosaur  Disneys new highly anticipated movie The Good Dinosaur is set to open Boxing Day and as the kiddies wait patiently to finally see this latest on the big screen TOMY have released a great new range of licenced toys.  There is some small basic figures and a range of large figures even a couple of extra large figures but you'll want to check out these items:

Galloping Butch  Watch out its a galloping T-Rex!  This great toy actually gallops and also talks he has 8 sounds and phrases from the movie. "This T-Rex does not mess around"

Arlo, Spot & Butch Talking Plush  Ranging from 6 - 10 inches tall these cuddly friends have lots to say and are perfect mates to take on an adventure.

Chomping Spot  When you see the movie you'll meet Spot the wild child cave boy of the movie. This Chomping Spot makes chomping movements and has several sounds like biting and laughing. He comes with his own chomping goodies.

Arlo Remote Control Dinosaur  Perfect first remote control for little ones. Arlo comes with an easy to use two button control system, forward and turn. Lead Arlo home.. or to your home!


 The Good Dinosaur

The Good Dinosaur

  Vtech Kidizoom


Vtech Kidizoom Twist Plus Digital Camera 3-9 years  Budding photographers will love the Kidizoom Twist Plus Digital Camera. Available in blue or pink. RRP$89.95

 Vtech smart watch

Vtech Kidizoom Smart Watch A Smart Watch just for kids! It takes photos, shoots video, records your voice only to change it with funny sound effects, and plays games. Kids will never lose track of time with the stopwatch, alarm and fun animated timer functions. Available in blue, pink and white. RRP$89.95ea



vtech kidizoom action camera

 Vtech Kidizoom Action Camera.  Its like a Go Pro for 3 - 9yr olds!  take photos, record video, play games, photo editing, water proof...  its pretty cool.  It charges via usb so no changing batteries - send the kids outside for hours.





Vtech Write & Learn Tablet


Write & Learn Touch Tablet. 3-6 years Take your child on a learning adventure. This portable electronic notepad has five different modes of play that teach your child about object and shape drawing, uppercase and lowercase letters, and letter writing.  RRP $34.95







Smash School Starter Pack.  

Great idea for little ones off to school or care for the first time, these packs contain everything to get them started and all the pieces are readily available at Woolies.  

There are four design options: 'Woot' (shown), 'Rawr' Dinosaur, 'Skyla' Butterfly and 'Exhaust' (shown).Each design range contains: Insulated lunch bag, 500ml drink bottle, Sandwich box, Ice puck, Printed name sticker sheet.






Ideas for 10 years +


W7 Cosmetics Fun and Funky is the W7 range. 

Great for quick and easy beauty solutions. Available at Chemist Warehouse, My Chemist and My Beauty Spot.  

Lip Bomb perfect for handbag, school bag, gym bag just pop the top apply and click the lid back. Comes in cute range of colours RRP $4.99

Chunky Lips soft in colour and chunky in size. Great easy every day lip colour. wide range of colours RRP$4.99

In The Nude Palette is a great eyeshadow set for everyday, everynight, everyweek! Lots of neutral tones to blend and find the perfect look. great value. RRP$9.99







The Nutcracker Retelling of a Christmas classic tale.

Retold by Margrete Lamond and intricately illustrated by Ritva Voutila.  Set in Victorian times this thorough and magical retelling is perfect for an older child. A lovely keepsake with illustrations to get lost in. You can read our complete review here.




Star Wars Wheres The Wookie  Search and Find.

Star Wars is back again and there is a plethora of Star Wars to buy. How about something that will keep everyone entertained all Christmas with this Where's The Wookie.  We've searched and searched you can read our review here.







Forever New have some lovely lines in for the Summer. 

They have some really cute Jewelery that looks great, in style and wont break the bank!  Everything is really reasonably priced. There is bangles, bracelets, necklaces, earings and rings.  Great selection of metals and colours - lots of pretty blues this season.

Lots of Summer bling love for younger ladies and the older ones.






What Else ?

Outdoors?  Sports things, gardening things, toys, kites, bikes, Anything to keep the kids outdoors and enjoying the fresh air! 

How about a voucher?  movie passes, store vouchers, outings or entry passes to attractions, sports, theatre shows  Theres a voucher for everything now.

Subscription or memberships?  Kids magazine subscription theres a few play ones but also some great learning ones like CSIRO kids. 

How about a donation gift?  Zoo fund donations - adopt an animal, world vision, Camp Quality.  Give not gift :)

Totally Practical?  Stationery for school, art supplies, swimmers, school bag  and yes my kids are all getting socks and undies!


Merry Christmas


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