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 tips for travelling with pets

 Traveling with Pets here are our tips


Travelling with your pet can be a great thing, like having the whole family on holiday together.  Theres a few things you need to remember when travelling with your pet here is our list.  Little Live Pets are great pets to take on holiday when you can't take your real ones.

Little Live Pet Travel vs Real Pet Travel


Real Pet Travel Checklist

1. Make sure you have flea/tick treated and anything else your pet might needs whilst you're away.

2. Make sure your pet is micro chipped and wearing a collar with ID so you can be contacted.

3. Take a photo of your pet. So if for some reason your pet is lost you have a recent photo on hand. (keep one in your phone or camera)

4. Pack for your pet.  Bed from home, bowls for food and water, any loved toys.

5. Pack a lead and carrier for your pet.  If traveling by car you might want to consider car protection like towels or something for your pet to rest on.


Travelling with your Little Live Pets

1. Pop it in its specially designed carrier and off you go!

2. Pack spare batteries

3. Take a photo of your Little Live Pets - why not.

4. Consider switching off your Little Live Pets whilst in travel especially when travelling with others like on a plane.

5. Little Live Pets are available at all good leading retailers, dont require food or water and are from an Australian Company. Have a look at their website here.


 tips for travelling with pets

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