Caring for Pets During Summer

 Our tips for caring for ALL your pets this Summer


 Real pets like Cats and Dogs need extra care over Summer to help keep them safe and healthy. Here are our tips for keeping your REAL pets well and for keeping your Little Live Pets well.

Essential Care For Your Pet This Summer


Caring for Real Cats and Dogs during Summer

1. Ensure your pet is micro-chipped and wearing a contact collar.  If you are going away and having someone else care for your pet this might upset your pet and they might wander or get out.  If you take your pet away with you this unfamiliarity may also cause them to get lost. Make it easy for someone to contact you if they find your pet. 

2. Summer is the season of Fireworks. Make sure your pets are safe and ok during fireworks. See point one for this too.

3. Never leave your pet in a hot car. 

4. Keep your pet cool.  Make sure there is lots of shelter and cool space for your pet to be in. Keep them in the air conditioning too if possible.  Don't let them get burnt on hot surfaces like hot pavement.

5. Provide ways for your pet to cool down.  Cool water is essential. Big ice blocks are great. Freeze ice cream buckets of water and the water slowly melts providing your pet with cooler water for longer - maybe even some licking fun whilst it melts.  Kids paddling pools are great for dogs to sit in and cool down (make sure it is in the shade of course)

6. Change food and water regularly. Keep the water fresh and cool and don't leave food out to heat up or sit in sun.

7. Make sure there is someone caring for your pet!  If you are going away be sure to have someone caring and looking after your pet.


Caring for your Little Live Pets during Summer

1. If going away - take your Little Live Pets with you!  Most pets come with their own carry cage or you can switch it off and pop it in your bag. Don't forget some extra batteries.

2. Remember to have a play and chat with your Little Live Pets.

3. If leaving your Little Live Pets at home whilst you go away thats ok. Just switch it off and they will be happy to see you when you get back.

4. If leaving your Little Live Pets with someone to care for it whilst you are away, why not buy them a Little Live Pets as a thank you gift.

5. Little Live Pets - great pets to have when you can't have a real pet! There is lots to choose from. Check out their website for the range.

Essential Summer Pet Care



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