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Being a Mum can be a thankless job.


It isn’t that we always want thanks, because, well, it is our job,right?!   But it’s nice every once in a while for someone to acknowledge all that we do for our families.

And it can be difficult when we don’t get that recognition and feel like we are working ourselves to the bone to keep our home and family running smoothly. Let’s face it, most of the time, we feel like we are failing anyway.

So this isn’t a post on things Mum can do to relax, and how we can cut ourselves some slack once in a while (which we should do, by the way). This post, is for the Dad’s and partners out there.

5 Things You Can Do To Help A Mumma Out!Help mum out

1. Cook Dinner

Come on gents. We know you can do it. You don’t fool us with your “How long does it need to cook for?” business. If you can Google who won the game on Friday night then you can Google a recipe for something simple. Turn the oven on, put stuff in it, and you’re good to go. Just do it. Don’t ask her about it. Don’t get her to stop at the shops on the way home from school pick up. Just go grab some stuff, cook it and put it on the table. I’m talking, start to finish. You don’t understand the relief of knowing you don’t have to cook dinner when you have already broken up 20 sibling fights, found the missing school sock that somehow ended up behind the toilet cistern, not to mention channelling your inner Martha Stewart and not getting baby puke on your button down (and by button down, I mean dressing gown... because you just haven’t had a chance to put on actual clothes yet).

2. Get Little Johnny The Blue Cup

You probably had a massive day at work and don’t have the patience to deal with Little Johnny, let alone his incessant demanding of Juice in The Blue Cup. But you know what? It takes 5 extra seconds to find The Blue Cup. And it saves about 70% of Mumma’s sanity. Gradually, we lose patience too. Wanna talk percentages? Every time you step in and deal with one of the children’s requests in a timely and calm manner, it makes you about 100% hotter to us. Just sayin’.

3. Give Her a Time Out

We love being your wife and the mother of your children, but sometimes Mummy’s and Daddy’s need time out too (I like to use the Super Nanny method where you get one minute for each year you are old). Sometimes we just need a little time out, send us to our room where we can read a book and chill out. No children, or partner, or anything that reminds us of being “Mum”. We do love you all, but sometimes we need to be told to just slow down.

4. Take Her Picture

A lot of Mum’s find they miss out on being in all the pictures. Is your lady like that too? Next time you go on a family outing, snatch the camera off her and tell her to get her cute butt in frame so she can have some lasting memories of her own with the family. Better yet, get a complete stranger to take some photos. Sometimes we feel like we can only remember all the nasty things about being a parent like cleaning up after our mini me’s or “being the bad guy” – looking at these photos and seeing our own smiling faces looking back at us will reassure us that when things are tough there are plenty of good times too.

5. Just Listen

We know that we talk about a bunch of random crap that you aren’t interested in, and you probably don’t want to hear about what sort of dreadful our day was. What’s that? She’s crying for no apparent reason? All I’m saying is listen. You don’t really need to have any of the answers, all she wants is to know that it’s okay and that she isn’t failing as a Mother and a wife. Give her a cuddle and just listen. That’s all she really wants, is to be heard. Look, it isn’t fool proof and there are definitely going to be days that a Mumma may or may not lose her shiz. But doing these 5 simple things from time to time will provide that bit of relief she really needs. Just don’t forget to tell her, “You’re doing a great job, and we are so lucky to have you” because we are all trying so hard and we really want your validation and appreciation. That will do more for us than any spa treatment or bouquet of flowers… although those are nice too, so feel free to add them as the unofficial number 6 and 7 on that list.


Is there anything you’d add to the list?

Just wanted to let all the Mumma’s out there know, you’re doing a fabulous job! Keep it up and don’t feel guilty when you need to have a break!!

Daddy’s, don’t worry, we think you’re fabulous too.

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