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Audiofly Review    5 tips for goals  

Five tips to help you achieve in 2018

Well 2018 is certainly in full swing now, the kids are all back at school, holidays are done, routines and schedules are full.
Now, how about you?  study,exercise, work, hows those 2018 goals going?  

Audiofly AF33W Review  - 5 Tips for Achieving in 2018

I've got them all happening currently, possibly over done it and filled my days over the brim but slowly getting it into control. Sometimes my balance is out and all the balls fall from the juggle but its all OK.

Here's my five tips to keep that work, study, home, family, exercise, routine going:

1. Pick up the balls
Didn't get everything done today? forgot to do something? Messed up?   Dropped the ball.  Don't worry, just pick the ball back up. Pick it back up and keep going, don't drop everything to worry about the one ball.

2. Smile
Even if its just at yourself - in fact smile at yourself!  Give yourself a grin as you walk out the door.  Smile at your kids, smile at your partner, the neighbour, the stranger in the lift, and your cat.  It becomes easier the more you do it.

3. Celebrate the little wins
Finished the chapter? Survived a tough day? Completed a goal?  Really healthy today?  What ever your little victory was be proud, don't celebrate with a whole packet of Tim Tams but be proud and use that feeling to get yourself to another win.

4. Eyes on the prize
Remember the goal. I'm doing this because.... I want to lose this, to finish this, to achieve this, cos I'll be able to do this, then I can do this...  Whatever the goal is remember it, visualise achieving it and go girl.

5. Invest in yourself
Do you invest in everyone else first?  Agreed sometimes you need to especially as a parent but you know how much easier things become if you can invest in a little for yourself. I'm not just talking about money either. TIME - invest time into yourself too.  Make the time and spend the money on that course, Make the time and spend the money on those walking shoes, Spend some money on a bath bomb then invest the time in a lovely bath and an early night!  

Five tips on achieving your goals in 2018
There you have my five tips to get myself through 2018, some I've nailed and some are a working progress.  The last one is one I'm not great at for various reasons but with my youngest starting school this year its time to get my shizz together. I'm investing more and on my way to achieving those goals.

One of the best investments so far was one I was given. These Audiofly AF33W Wireless In-Ear Headphones. I can use them everywhere....  Featuring Bluetooth 4.2 they are lightweight and durable. They are easily paired with my phone, cord free and sweat resistant so I can wear them walking or cleaning the house. They are sleek, coming in white with rose gold finish or black so I can wear them out, love being able to watch my daughter at Gymnastics and still listen to my podcasts.
The Audiofly AF33W also comes equipped with a microphone and volume control for calls, smart device functionality and up to 3.5 hours battery life (with a 1-hr charging time).

They come in their own little carry bag so I can easily carry them with me. I can pair them with my phone, tablet or laptop. The sound quality is great so I can hear my podcast, book, video or even music clearly without it blaring in my ears and bluetooth means I can have my phone in my bag next to me or laptop on the table and still do something without wires in the way!  

Little things that have made a big difference to me achieving my goals through study and definitely helping me with the time investment. The Audiofly AF33W Wireless In-Ear Headphones are available from JB Hi-Fi RRP $59.99




Audiofly AF33W Bluetoooth Headphones