Top 5 Tips for achieving your goals


You've set some goals for the year, good for you now what?   Whether your goal is to organise your home,  get in shape or start your dream business you need to plan out and put into action and start working towards making them happen.  Here is my Top 5 tips to achieving your goals.

Top 5 Tips for Achieving Your Goals

 Top 5 Tips for Achieving Your Goals

1. Fear.  Yep fear of failure, fear of wasting your time, fear of looking like a whale on a treadmill  whatever it is acknowledge it and move on.  Push past that fear.  Its just a feeling - go on do it anyway.


2. Achievable Steps.  You probably can't achieve the whole goals at once. Break it down into actual achievable bites. Steps you need to do to get there then just do one at a time.   You'll get there if you can do it in steps. 


3.  Believe.  You believe you can do it?  Great! Now go find a believer. A believer in you and your goal. Someone who can hold you accountable, encourage and motivate. A partner, a bestie, a work colleague someone who can say  Yes! go do that, well done, Hey why haven't you completed that step ?


4. Trip Ups.  There will probably be a trip up, halt, set back or two along your goal achieving journey.  Thats ok.  It will happen and now you know that when it does happen, just know it will be ok.  Adjust your steps, wait, re design or call in your believer and chat it out.  Don't let it stop you achieving.


5. Education.  Educate yourself, know everything, keep on top.  Read everything related, learn skills to help you climb those steps.  Courses, trainings, talks, networking.  Anything and everything to get you to your goal in the best possible position.


There you have it my Top 5 to Help You Achieve Your Goals.