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Study Mums - why you should consider study  

Why i think Mums should consider study


I'm not an expert, not a scientist or anything like that but i have been studying for a few months now and although i have struggled with time and keeping on top of my business, family and study I do think that studying has been a positive experience. 

Why Stay at Home Mums Should Consider Study

I'm currently doing a Diploma of Business Management with Business Mamas.  Its an online study course which is really the only way i would have been able to fit it all in.  Its a big commitment but one i think stay at home mums like myself should consider.

Here are my reasons why

1. I find it has been for my children. Its part of being a role model. My kids see me working yes but they go to school thats their working, now they see me reading and learning and i know it has had a positive impact on their attitude to homework and study.  I think it also shows my kids that learning and studying is something that you do all through life not just at school.

2. I hate wasting time.  Anything that keeps me away from rubbish on TV and crappy magazines is good.  It gives me something to do with my time that doesn't just waste it.   It gives me interesting things to search for, read about and look up when i am delving in the time vortex of Pinterest which is my biggest waste of time indulgence.

3. It has given me reason and opportunity to actually set some goals and start making them happen.  No more the one day i will or i should really start thinking about.  I have really had to step up and take action.  It also gives you reason to think about other parts of your life and plan further ahead for your self.

4. I use my brain.  Now i think i actually use my brain anyhow and sometimes i feel it is full and i can't cram anymore into it but i think its great for using parts of you brain that a stay at home mum doesnt really use on a daily basis.  You wanna way to get out of the mummy brain funk - try studying a business course!

5.  Plan for the future. I'm not going to be a stay at home mum forever.  Yes i already have a business i run from home and have been pretty lucky that i have that. In a few years time my youngest will go to school and i will be ready to step it all up.  I'm grateful to be doing this course and being able to use my few years at home with my babies to also plan and build MY future past just being at home with the kids. 


There you go my top 5 reasons for stay at home mums to take on some study. 


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