You have permission Now you need to credit your image ?

So you have permission to use an image from the owner but how do you "credit" an image graciously ?

You need to say where the original image came from and you need to credit the original person/photographer. Tag them, Type their name, Reference their site.  You need to give them the correct credit acknowledgement for using their work.

Images For Your Site And Social Platforms - Part2

Websites and Blogs

Next to the image, or as close as possible. If you can put it in the caption section of the image. The artists name and a link to the original source.  If you are using an image of an artist via a library check the attribution requirements of that site but etiquette would be to credit the artists name with a link to their site AND a via @ and the site and link to where you have sourced from.  Send a link to the artist who work you are using.


What if it's not on my website/blog but i want to share it on a social media platform ?


If you found the image NOT on twitter then you should seek permission.

If they say yes with credit, I know you only have that little 140 characters. It can be difficult but you can work it. Use tags for the platform “#IG” “#FB”  etc  and  “via@username”.

If you found the image ON Twitter then it's pretty easy to retweet!  You don't need permission to do that.

If you are retweeting then just use “#RT” and a “@username” will give full credit graciously.

However if you edit the retweet you should “#MT”  (modified tweet)  and “@username”



If it's a post or image found you have seen on Facebook then it's easy just hit the “share” button.  Facebook will do the rest; let the original source know, tag the original source and it will appear on the original post.  If you like to be really nice or you’d really like them to know you shared their post then tag them by “@username”.  If its not from a post on Facebook then you need to refer back to Part 1.



Hmmmm my advice don't reshare. just don’t.  You can read about it in the terms and conditions from the Instagram site.

For extra knowledge here is the terms on what you post on Instagram.

If you really really want to share someone's original image from Instagram then where is the harm in asking if it's ok?  Just comment on that image and ask, problem solved.

If you are using a resharing app on an image on Instagram you should also use the hashtag “#repost” give credit by tagging the source “via@username”.  The apps i have seen automatically credit the source but your tagging is etiquette.   What i have read though i don’t think you should consider without permission.


If you are considering using another artists work you really should ensure your are not making copyright infringements. 

If you're unsure dont use it.

how to use images on your site


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