What is a Hashtag?  #whatdoesitdo


Well not only a pound sign and a musical note thats been used for hundreds of years before twitter, its also a way to search online and an essential way for a lot of communication online.

Supported by most social platforms now (places like twitter, facebook and instagram)  the # before words is a great way to search particular topics. 

What is a hashtag and how does it work on the internet


How does it work?

Its a great way to search everything on a particular topic.

Say you wanted to know more about that new Jamie Oliver show that was on Channel ten that just finished airing, you could search on social platforms by just using the # infront of some key words like  #jamie #jamieoliver #tensydney #whatevertheshowwascalled. This will bring up everything on those tags.  Keep in mind there are zillions of people using the #jamie tag so try and be a little more specific. Search using the name of the show preceded by a #.

Its a great way to find current information on a current scenario or event.  Lets say there is huge fire emergency scenario in Sydney, you'd like to know exactly what is happening and where. You could search #sydney #sydneyfires #sydneyemergency  This would probably bring up ALL the media reports, emergency services reports, people at the scene and a lot of random people who want to comment but you get that.

When something is "trending"  that means when there is a high amount of people using that particular hashtag.  So Jimmy Fallon i see is often trending when something he has done on his show is really popular with his audience.  He does something halarious people tag #jimmyfallon and then more people search or look up #jimmyfallon to see what it was and share it on.  Speaking of which if you have time check out jimmy fallon and justin timberlake hashtaging it up on you tube.


How do i use #?

whats a hashtag and how does it work

Just type the # tag into your social platform. All social places are slightly different on where to search them all.  Make sure there are no spaces in the tag words and it doesn't matter if you use capitals or lowercase.


When do i use # ?

Whenever you like.  If you'd like to comment in discussions on twitter on a particular topic or particular hashtag you can. 

If you want to tell people what you think of Jimmy Fallon sure just use #jimmyfallon or #thetonightshow.  This isnt going to go specifically to the attention of Mr Fallon though, for that you'd need a completely different way of tagging using the "@" @jimmyfallon or @jimmytonight


How do i make a #?

Its easy. Group key words together with the # in the front of them. 

No spaces, dont use any spaces justputallthewordstogether.  If you want to defferentiate between the words use capitals #JustputAllTheWordsTogether.

Don't use symbols. So no ! !! ** etc  

Put it at the end of your post/tweet etc



Give it a go  pop a # infront of a keyword you are interested in and see what comes up. 

#dinner  will bring up lots of inspiration!




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