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Google Now making it easier to navigate your phone daily


Do you use Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive, Calendar and any of the other plethora of Google apps ?

Do you use Google Now

Have you heard of it?  Thats ok check out the apps on your phone, download and then check out our post on how to use it.

Here I've complied Top Ten list of the basic commands i use Google Now for everyday, making my life easier! .


Top 10 Basic Commands of Google NOW

"Okay Google"

1. "Search For............."  Recipes, stores, and the news mainly.  Much easier than typing it into Google on my phone.

2. "Remind me .........."  to check the school note, make a shopping list, buy coffee, call dad. Whatever you need the reminder on.

3. "Create a Calender event ......... at ......."  Add them straight in. Great for when make appointments or need to adds school activities to your calendar.

4. "Set alarm for.........."  Sets the alarm.

5. "Note to self ........."  This is handy, this sends you an email (or you can choose other 3rd party apps if you have them installed) Great if you want to remind yourself later of an idea or want to remember you need to do when you get back to office. Great for telling yourself your shopping list

6. "Call ....."  Handy for in the car you don’t need to touch anything.  You just need to remember what someones name is in your phone. You can save "nicknames" in your contacts through this command.

7. "Directions to........." This opens Google Maps Directions. I’ve used this a few times, i like it.

8.  "Send SMS to ........."  Great if you know what name you have everyone stored under in your phone same goes for "call" command. You can save "nicknames" in your contacts through this command.

9.  "Send Email to ......"  this is only good if you know the persons name and email domain.  i have multiple "Sarah" for instance and i can never get the right one!  but sending an email to "mum" or "dad"  no worries :)

10. "Go to....."  This will take you to specific sites or narrow down the browsing.  So if i say "Go to Washington Post" it will take you to the website as opposed to a general Google search.

top 10 commands of google now


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