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Goals and resolutions - great idea.  Do you stick to yours? 

Goals and resolutions - great idea.  Do you stick to yours? I think most of us give things a go, some we easily forget and some eventually become achieved or the ideal habit or change.

Resolutions and Goal Making

The start of a fresh new year is apparently a good place to start. I don't know about you but for me its a crazy place to start a new resolution. Kids are on holidays, we're in and out sometimes away from home, we're out of routine, we're generally in the middle of summer and I'm hot, we're socialising more, there's a couple of public holidays in there and I find the first month of the new year is basically a write off!


February ... I run out of excuses.  Sure I'm busy (catching up on a lost month of work!), organising and getting back into school, sports, music and everything else I do during the week BUT its also a great time to fit into this new year routine some things for me.  

What's on your resolution and goal list for this year?

Here's a few things on my list for this year,most aren't new but I need them on there again.
There is nothing truly life changing or original but they are all something small to make me a better me overall.

Life-Space Probiotics

Water - I drink a lot of water. That'll be staying on my list this year.  Also swimming in water i want to do more of that.

Move and Sweat - Move I can do - sweat is not my favourite thing to do alas I'm good once i get going. Need to get into the habit again and stay in it.

Sleep - I need to sleep more. That's been a goal for a couple of years now.  Having me time at midnight is great but I really need to have that me time asleep in bed i think.   I also need to get up early everyday... makes such a difference to my day if i can get up just that little bit earlier (link to 20 ways post)

Eat Well - We eat pretty well as far as meals go lots of healthy stuff but if there is some form of chocolate in the house.... basically i need to stop having it in the house. Stop putting crap in my mouth.

Supplements - I do pop a multi vitamin or vitamin B occasionally and i do give the kids extra Omega 3 or a multi if i think they need it too.  Last year I also started keeping Life-Space Probiotics at home for one for me and one for the kids. They have one for each age group or stage in life really. They are great for assisting the immune system and supporting gut health.  If you have someone with digestive issues, have been on Antibiotics or even sensitive skin issues its really worth a look.  I have some surgery coming up and there is always at least one dose of nasty flu in the house during the year so based on all I've read, spoken to them about and tested I'm pretty confident these Life-Space Probiotics will support us in recovery and keeping our immune and guts well.

Top 3 - My to do list can be never ending. I have multiple lists and things in my head for the different roles i play as a busy Mum.  Mum list, housekeeper list, work list yada yada ....   Some days i achieve a lot some days i get into bed and have no idea what i did today.  Top 3 is my goal this year.  Complete the top 3 each day if i do more great but Top 3 and it'll all be good.

Be Present and focus - I have one more year with my preschooler before she's off to big school - I'm not going to waste that time.  I have the opportunity to do some travel this year with my family - I'm not going to waste that time. I'm lucky to have kids that still want to hang with me on weekends - I think I'm running out of time before I'm dumped for friends, I need to savour these moments.   We have a super busy year with lots on and lots of commitments I'm just going to keep this on my list to remind myself in the moments to be present - not to be thinking about other stuff, not to be trying to slip in a few minutes of work.  I am forever telling my kids to focus on what's important.... I should lead by example more.

So there you go as i said nothing original but I think it will make for a positive year.  
Thanks to Life-Space who have given me the opportunity to try their products and ask some questions and learn some more about gut health. Their passion for improving health for Australians is great, its an interesting area I certainly didn't know a lot about. I do like that they are an Australian family owned company and their formulas are most on the most current clinical research and the quality is there. Pop over and have a look at their information on their website here.

Life-Space Probiotics


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