why i love the gym at night

Why I like to exercise at night, Why I love the gym at night


People keep asking me or more telling me they don't know how i can do it .. go to the gym at night - crazy! 

Well here is some of my reasons why i do and why i like it.  If you like the day time sure go ahead thats awesome but heres why i like nights

Why I Like To Exercise At Night -  Why I love The Gym At Night

exercise at night

1. Its quiet there.  Really it is.  After the peak hours, it drops down to just the air con, badly sync'd music videos and the humming of machines.

2. My Mum day is done.  I don't have a list in my head of all the things I'm trying to fit in today. From the gym i go home, shower and bed.  I don't have to fit a million other things into my day.

3. Mentally relaxing.  I don't have that glass or two of wine on gym nights.  I cycle, step or lift it out!

4. Its a less messed up routine. I found it really hard to get into a routine with kids. If one is sick i'm stuck at home, If toddler is sleeping i go later and it was just so much messing around.I also found it hard to book the crèche a week in advance to get the times i wanted. 

5. Less cool kids and seniors.  The beautiful people have all gone home to get their beauty sleep and the seniors who go in groups and hang out and chat on the equipment at my gym have all gone home for their beauty sleep.  Its just the people in their uncool, affordable sports gear and the few groups of lifters in the weights section. 

6. I can get a park. I don't have to park at the far side of the car park. Which may seem a silly thing seen as i am going to the gym, but its much more convenient when there is a ten degree temperature difference between inside and outside or its pouring with rain.

7. You can get on the equipment!  It kills me to go to the gym and have to wait and wait and wait for equipment.  I'll wait my turn or use something else but sometimes i just couldn't get on anything during the day, it was wasting my precious time.

8. Trainers are more willing to help.  To get trainer help at the gym you're supposed to book an appointment and it costs me money.  At night i find the staff are really flexible and will come help you out, help you use machine even go through your routine with you.  I guess they have less to do and not as many people demanding them. 

9. I have more time.  The kids are in bed, hubby is home with them. I don't have to pick up from crèche, i don't have to rush home to cook a meal, pick up from school or sports or anything. They are fine and i can take my time and work to my own pace.

10. I still sleep.  I don't know where the whole you wont sleep at night if you exercise comes from but i don't have that problem. If anything I'd say I'm more relaxed. Clean, happy that i exercised and mentally de-stressed... relaxed.


If days dont work for you, try nights !



I use a gym that has night staff.  A night duty manager and walking security guards.  I'm not keen on being on my own in a 24hr club.

Well lit car park.  At night the car park is well lit and i can park right up close. About 800m closer than the daytime!





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