Eat For Health Not Just Because Its trendy

I dont want to follow the latest fad, restriction or trend!

I just want healthy options, to know the basic better choices for my family's daily food intake.

Here are some basic tips and choices that you might like to make for you and your family for a healthier life

Tips For Eating Healthy Not Trendy

  •  Water.  Dont drink calories. You don't need cordial, juice, soft drink - unnecessary calories.  Easiest way to drink lots of water is to get a large bottle of water and carry it everywhere, don't go anywhere without it. Make sure you refill it several times a day!
  • Have your morning and afternoon tea!  yes have them!  ahh hang on no, not the choccy biscuits have salad, vegies, fruits - yes kids too.
  • Vegetables lots of them especially the green ones.
  • Eat protein.  It helps fill you up and has less calories than carbs.
  • Eat Omega 3.  Your brain needs it. Feed lots of it to the kids.
  • Quit putting sugar in and on things for no reason!  If you can't have coffee without sugar, dont have coffee. 
  • Same to the unnecessary. You don't need "diet" salad dressings - just cut them out. Use a little olive oil if you have to have something.
  • Eat Fibre everyday. Preferably at breakfast
  • Reduce your refined flours to a minimum
  • Look at food labels!  If you dont know what it is put it back!
  • Cut out foods high in salt. Just delete them, you dont need them.
  • You're not supposed to be feeling full at bed time. Eat less or earlier or both.
  • Portion sizes.  Dont just say ohh i dont eat a lot if you dont know what a lot is.  Google Portion sizes, get the correct guidelines and weights. heck there are even plates and tools you can buy so you get it right. 
  • You dont have to finish the plate.  You dont have to eat everything on the plate, dont eat till you are full.  Serve or order less!
  • Dont buy crap at the supermarket.  If you dont buy it... It wont be there when you go desperately searching through the kitchen later. 
  • Have a snack back up plan.  If you love to have a nice rewarding treat after the kids go to bed, thats fine but how about instead of the block of chocolate or tub of icecream  you try....   Flavoured tea, buy a selection and try new flavours.  Raw Almonds.  Little sliced fruit platter, one you dont have to share with little people. please note: almonds dont work for me thats so not what i'm after but tea testing is kinda fun.
  • Plan yours and the kids snack attacks. Put a small bowl of nuts and seeds on the table, In the fridge have clear containers full of cut up veggies. we usually have celery, beans and carrots.  The minute the kids ask me for something to eat i say there is nuts on the table, fruit on the bench and veggies in the fridge! done!  Dont get me wrong i do make muffins or loaf's but everyday this is what i have for them.
  • Going out for the day?  Take your own food!  Take the kids food... Take everyones food!  Dont tell yourself its easier to buy it. Its not. It costs more, sometimes a small fortune!. Its usually crap and complete waste of all the good stuff you have been trying to do.  Its just as easy to pack a lunch box, back pack, cooler bag at peak times and eat when you are ready.


What tips do you have for a smarter healthier living, not the latest diet ?

Eating Healthy Tips