New and updated version of a classic board game

Trivial Pursuit has been relaunched to prove trivia buffs’ love of the naughties to the present day, with many questions featuring Australian trivia.

Trivial Pursuit the 2000's

Theres probably a version of Trivial Pursuit in your house somewhere isn't there?  Has it been a while since you've played?   Takes too long?  Some of the questions irrelevant now? (i know a version my mum has includes trivia questions on countries that don't exist now)

Well its time to update!

The new release  Trivial Pursuit 2000's  is actually pretty good, the whole game has had a revamp and we really like the changes.

The Questions
Trivial Pursuit 2000s only features questions from the year 2000 to the present day, including recent events, current celebrities and pop culture phenomenons, many with a uniquely Australian theme. From your NRL to Taylor Swift there is questions for everyone.

The 2000s Trivial Pursuit has a lot of question options - a lot!  We (my review playing friends - thanks guys) were pretty impressed the amount of questions in each category.  Trivial Pursuit 2000s includes 300 trivia cards with 18,000 questions across six categories Places, Entertainment, Events, the Arts, Science & Tech and Sports & Hobbies.


The Board
I love the new board. Its a much shorter game so you'll finish it before anyone has had enough.  There is a lot less spaces between the category homes so its a much faster game.
The question cards are better laid out each category has their lot of questions which we found handy.

Along with questions from 2000 to the present, Trivial Pursuit 2000s features new game play option ‘Stump’. ‘Stump’ allows a player to pass a tricky question to their opponent to try and move ahead in the game. However the move comes with a risk, if the opponent gets the answer right the opponent gets to move forward and the player stays where they are.


Trivial Pursuit 2000s is available now for leading stores.  Great fun game that will guarantee a few laughs - everyone loves a bit of trivia.






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