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Big imaginations and little sisters



Little Georgie is the youngest, and this sometimes means Max and Harriet forget about her.
But Georgie is unfazed. She's armed with a BIG imagination.

"Incredibilia"  Childrens Book Review

Libby Hathorn, one of Australia's literary treasures, and awrd-winning artist Gaye Chapman have created a story that celebrates the honesty and attraction of imaginative play.

We have a little one just like this. Often left out by the big kids but she never gets upset in fact most of the time she doesn't notice shes off in her own world of imagination.

Little Georgie has an incredible imagination she finds secrets in kinds of places, but Max and Harriet aren't interested.  As the days go by Little Georgie finds more and more secret messages that build a game. Finally the day arrives she decides to play, doesn't worry about the others but goes on about collecting her special things and guess who comes to see what she is doing?  Max and Harriet.  Of course Little Georgie lets them play.

I love the Illustrations by Gaye Chapman,  I love her "imaginations" and i love Little Georgie's hair as the days change. 

Fabulous story for the little ones about playing with others, including others and having a wonderful time with your own imagination.



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