A funny new series for fans of Jeremy Strong and Compton Valance

We've been reading "There's a Dragon in my Dinner!" at bedtime for the last week and we have all thoroughly enjoyed it.  

Written for +6 year olds This would make a great book for new chapter book readers.  Its large font, easy and expressive words make for very enjoyable reading.  I've been reading this to my 7 and 3 year old before bed and i was a bit disappointed Dad read to them one night because i missed a whole chapter!   My 7 year old has loved it and started to read it again on his own.  It fits right in with his interests and it has enough pictures and word art to keep him interested.

The story is about Eric who finds a Dragon,  yes a real one, but not just a dragon, he finds a Mini Dragon in the bean sprouts of his Chinese Take Away meal.  From there the fun begins.  How to keep a Mini Dragon safe and out of trouble is harder than you think especially when you have a neighbour like Toby and a Birthday on the way that requires you to be on your best behaviour.

Eric is a typical fun kid with some good mates and a slightly abnormal family.  His new Mini Dragon gives him some challenges like What do you feed a Mini Dragon ?  and Where does a Mini Dragon sleep?   But the two new friends get along smoothly and all works out - well except for a couple of incidents.

As The Encyclopedia Dragonica says "Despite their size, Mini Dragons DO NOT make good pets"

We have loved this book and its available from May 2016.   Great easy reading no violence (couple of little fires) that the kids will love.

Written by Tom Nicoll and Illustrated by Sarah Horne.  We're really looking forward to the next books in this series "There's a Dragon in my Backpack" and "There's a Dragon in my Toilet"

 theres a dragon in my dinner

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0 # Nikki Cashion 2016-05-11 14:54
this looks fantastic
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